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4 Valentine’s Day Recipes Created with Love

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4 Valentine’s Day Recipes Created with Love

Posted by Lindt ChocolatePairings & Recipes

This Valentine’s Day, we have partnered with four talented food bloggers to create dessert recipes inspired by the LINDOR truffle. Delicious and unique, they are a sure way to please anyone, whether served as a gift or a post-date dessert. Choose one that is closest to your heart – there is nothing that matters more!

Dark Chocolate Cake With Cherry Pop Rocks & LINDOR truffles

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Photo Credit: Climbing Grier Mountain

Lauren from Climbing Grier Mountain created this mouth-watering masterpiece for those who love celebrating the Valentine’s Day with a home-made dessert. Pop rocks layered on top of the LINDOR truffles will create an indulgence experience that will make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

 Chocolate Truffle Tart

chocolate tart, lindt chocolate tart, lindor chocolate tart, lindor valentine's day
Photo Credit: A Zesty Bite

This decadent chocolate tart, created by Maegan from A Zesty Bite, is crowned with LINDOR truffles, which also serve as little snacking indulgences during the cooking process. When cutting the tart, make sure to grab a truffle from the top and serve it with every piece – for a smooth melting sensation with every bite.

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Truffle Tart

salted caramel tart, lindor salted caramel, lindor valentine's day recipe
Photo Credit: Glorious Treats

Does your Valentine have more of a sweet tooth? If so, this Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart will surely melt their heart. Glory from Glorious Treats created it this recipe keeping in mind the three most important elements of the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert – rich, beautiful and covered in chocolate!

 Easy LINDOR truffle Pot De Cremes


lindor valentine's day, lindor pot de cremes
Photo Credit: Bran Appetit

For those obsessed with the smooth melting properties of LINDOR, these Pot De Cremes will become a favorite quickly. Brandi from Bran Appetit created this recipe by combining the best of pudding and creme brulee. This dessert is also incredibly easy to make in advance, and serve right after the big Valentine’s Day dinner. No prep time needed!

The sweet, the salty, the explosive & the smooth – what will be your choice of dessert this Valentine’s Day?

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