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The Ultimate Easter Basket with Lindt GOLD BUNNY & Crate and Kids (+ Giveaway)

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The Ultimate Easter Basket with Lindt GOLD BUNNY & Crate and Kids (+ Giveaway)

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Easter is coming and we have some EGGS-ELLENT tips to help you build the Ultimate Easter Basket for SOME-BUNNY special.  With Lindt GOLD BUNNY and Crate and Kids, you can’t go wrong so let’s hop to it!

Step One

Choose a basket that gives you plenty of space to be creative. This Cloud Basket from Crate and Kids is large enough to fit lots of treats without feeling too spacious. Once you’ve secured the perfect basket, begin by filling it with all of your non-perishable items such as crayons, painting supplies, cozy blankets and stuffed animals. This will make a a soft “nest” for you to continue piling in goodies.

Step Two

Next, display your chocolate by starting with larger items in the back and smaller items in the front. This will give your basket height and depth, making for a beautiful presentation on Easter morning. Nestle your Lindt GOLD BUNNY figures front and center for a show-stopping centerpiece. LINDOR Eggs, mini Lindt GOLD BUNNY figures and mini Lindt CHICK figures, Lindt Carrots and LINDOR Blueberries and Cream add delicious elegance.

Step Three

Once all of your Easter treats are set up in the basket, step back and admire your handiwork. The perfect Easter basket is a blend of soft and sweet items that any child (or adult!) would love. With all of the options from Lindt Chocolate and Crate and Kids, the possibilities are endless!

Want a chance to win this Ultimate Easter Basket for your family? Enter through the Rafflecopter below. Two lucky winners will be chosen.

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