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Holiday Lindtspiration: Tying the Perfect Bow

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Holiday Lindtspiration: Tying the Perfect Bow

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration

Tying Bow with Bear

Add the perfect touch to your holidays this season with this festive LINDT BEAR bow! This quick step-by-step guide will make your gift extra special to give.


Step One: Start with the ribbon folded unevenly. It should be long enough to wrap around your package twice, with some extra length.

Step 1 Cropped

Step Two: Loop the ribbon around the box and knot to the top of the box.

step 2 cropped

Step Three: Wrap the longer piece of ribbon underneath the box. Where it overlaps, it should remain flat.

step 3 cropped

Step Four: Knot again on top of the box. One piece should still be longer.

step 4 cropped

Step Five: Create a loop with the shorter piece of ribbon and wrap the long piece around it to create the bow.

step 5 cropped

Step Six: Cut the bottom of the bow at a diagonal.

step actual 6 corpped

Step Seven: Loop a thin gold wire or thread around a LINDT BEAR to secure it to the box for an extra special surprise! 

Final Cropped


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