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The Five Senses of Chocolate: Touch

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The Five Senses of Chocolate: Touch

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In the previous blog post, we have learned how to tell premium chocolate apart based on its appearance. While important, the look and taste are not the only dimensions you should consider when tasting chocolate. Lindt Master Chocolatiers suggest using all your 5 senses, and today we will follow their recommendations for using our sense of touch.

Premium chocolate should have a smooth and silky feel.


A rough, grainy surface can indicate poor conching or poor storage. If chocolate is stored in a high humidity environment it can develop a condition known as “sugar bloom”, which is caused by condensation forming on surface of the chocolate and the sugar rising to the top. The water evaporates and the sugar crystals remain on the surface, resulting in a gritty texture in your mouth during the melt.


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Lindt Chocolate will melt in your hand.


This is also a sign of premium chocolate! Cocoa butter melts around body temperature. If you are handling a piece of chocolate that is not melting in your hands it indicates the use of other plant fats.

What does your favorite chocolate feel like to you?


In our next blog post we will talk about how you can LISTEN to chocolate. Stay tuned!

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