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Chocolate Beyond Compare

Luscious… flowing… irresistibly smooth. The smoothest chocolate in all the world. This is chocolate beyond compare. Only from the Lindt Master Chocolatier. Discover your LINDOR moment.


Selecting, processing and blending premium cocoa beans are part of the essential first step in fine chocolate creation. This is an art and science the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have proudly perfected over many decades.


In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt invented the revolutionary technique of conching, which is a long process of intense stirring that lasts many hours. Mastery of this process contributes to the irresistibly smooth texture of LINDOR chocolate.


The chocolate shell and smooth center of LINDOR are designed to melt at different temperatures on your palate. The result is a unique cooling sensation and the ultimate melt-worthy experience!


Since 1845, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have developed and refined their unique secret recipes, driven by their unmatched standard for chocolate quality and passion for creative excellence.

Discover your LINDOR moment

When you break the chocolate shell of LINDOR, the lusciously smooth chocolate center starts to melt and so will you. Enjoy LINDOR, created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers with passion and love for chocolate since 1845.

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Cheesecake Truffle Brownies

Featured Recipe

Cheesecake Truffle Brownies

by Two Peas and Their Pod

So what makes these brownies irresistible? Pretty much EVERYTHING. The brownies are super duper fudgy, have a layer of LINDOR Fudge Swirl Milk Chocolate Truffles, and have layer of cheesecake that gets swirled into the brownie batter. Is your mouth watering? Craving chocolate?

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Roasted Banana Truffle Cupcakes

Featured Recipe

Roasted Banana Truffle Cupcakes

by Local Milk

Bananas roasted with cinnamon, sea salt, a few pats of butter, and a light sprinkling of sugar and a cup of local, full-fat buttermilk are the secret to these perfectly moist cupcakes. They’re made extra special with the addition of a LINDOR truffle in the center of each one, making these a treat to eat while still a bit warm as the truffles create a “molten cake” effect.

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Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Bar


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