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Introducing Lindt HELLO Bites (+ Giveaway!)

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Introducing Lindt HELLO Bites (+ Giveaway!)

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When you think about your favorite snack, do you prefer salty or sweet?  With Lindt HELLO Bites, you don’t have to choose! The perfect snack is only a handful away.  

Now’s your chance to say “hello” to the new Lindt HELLO Bites, proving that big tastes can come in small bites.  Bites are the latest addition to the Lindt HELLO collection and feature three mouthwatering flavors coated in premium milk or dark chocolate:  HELLO Pretzel Bites, HELLO Toffee Bites and HELLO Minty Bites. These poppable treats are perfect as an on-the-go snack, or for sharing with friends, and are sure to satisfy any craving. 

pretzel, milk chocolate, hello bites
Lindt HELLO Pretzel Bites

HELLO! I’m a handful of  … Pretzel Bites!

You be the sweet, I’ll be the salty.


HELLO Pretzel Bites: Crunchy pretzels sprinkled with salt and covered in creamy milk chocolate.

Going to the movies? You know a sweet and salty snack goes perfect with a feature film. Grab a bag of Lindt HELLO Pretzel Bites and pass them around – they are ideal for sharing with your fellow movie-goers. 

toffee, milk chocolate, hello bites
Lindt HELLO Toffee Bites

HELLO! I’m a handful of … Toffee Bites!

I’m totally crunching on you!


HELLO Toffee Bites:  Crunchy toffee sprinkled with salt and coated in velvety milk chocolate.  

If you love the buttery flavor of traditional toffee, you’ll love it dipped in Lindt milk chocolate.  These bites are crunchy, sweet and satisfying; you won’t be able to stop munching.   Plus, the resealable pouch is easy to throw in your bag to take on-the-go!  

mint, dark chocolate, hello bites
Lindt HELLO Minty Bites

 HELLO! I’m a handful of … Minty Bites!

Are you fresh like me?


HELLO Minty Bites: Refreshing mint drenched in rich dark chocolate.  

Looking for an after-dinner snack that you could eat alone or serve at a dinner party? Lindt HELLO Minty Bites will be an unexpected surprise for your guests. Enjoy the exhilarating taste of mint wrapped in silky dark chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

hello bites
Lindt HELLO Bites Collection

We’re Sorry. This giveaway has ended.



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