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Four Ways to Share #LindtLove (+ giveaway)

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Four Ways to Share #LindtLove (+ giveaway)

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration

truffles, hearts, LINDORLove at first melt! It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Love for all things chocolate that is. We have everything you will need to celebrate with the people you love, from sweet treats to creative crafts, plus a chance to win a YEAR SUPPLY of LINDOR milk chocolate truffles!

DIY Etched Champagne Flutes

strawberries and cream, LINDOR, DIY, valentine's day
Image by The Sweetest Occasion

No matter what type of bubbly you prefer, these DIY flutes make a thoughtful gift that all of your friends will love. Get the full tutorial from Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion here.

Set To Impress

For a Valentine’s Day tablescape that’s inviting and delicious, start with a simple color scheme such as white and red, and include accents, like LINDOR truffles, that match. These special touches from Pizzazzerie will set the stage for Galentine’s Day or a romantic dinner.

Galentine’s Day Celebration

Image by Oh Happy Day

Speaking of Galentine’s Day, your gal pals will love this over-the-top party complete with LINDOR truffles and fun party favors. Take inspiration from Jordan of Oh Happy Day for an unforgettable night with friends!

A Treat For Someone Sweet

Image & Recipe by Broma Bakery

Broma Bakery‘s Raspberry Truffle Fudge Brownies will have your loved ones swooning.


  • 3/4 cup salted butter
  • 1 3/4 cups light brown sugar
  • 10 Lindt LINDOR Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup dutch process cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line an 8″x8″ baking dish with parchment paper. 
  2. In a double boiler, heat butter and brown sugar until melted. Toss in Lindt LINDOR Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles and mix until melted. 
  3. Remove from heat and transfer mixture to standing mixer with whisk attachment. Whisk for 3 minutes, until glossy. Add in eggs one at a time, then add in cocoa powder, flour, salt, and vanilla extract.
  4. Pour batter into prepared pan, then top with raspberries. Push the raspberries down slightly so they fall into the batter.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center of the brownies comes out clean. Allow to cool for 15 minutes.
  6. To make chocolate drizzle, heat the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl for 20 seconds. Use a spoon to drizzle over the brownies. Cut into 9 large or 16 small squares. Brownies will last 4 days in the fridge.

(Makes 9 large or 16 small brownies.)

Want to win a YEAR SUPPLY of LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles?

Enter through the Rafflecopter below!

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  • serenefairy2

    I like to go out to dinner and have chocolate covered strawberries

  • My favorite way to celebrate is with chocolate (especially Lindor truffles) and going out to dinner or making a special dinner at home.

  • Karla

    I like to take a nice hot bath and pamper myself for a change.

  • Holly Kirwan

    I like to celebrate quietly with lots of chocolate!

  • Sherry Stawnychy

    By eating chocolates and going out for dinner!

  • Theresa Ann Horn

    Going to dinner!!

  • Michelle

    A nice dinner and some chocolate!

  • Candy Smitley

    nice dinner, flowers and chocolates

  • 1porkchop

    I don’t like going out to eat, so my favorite is a nice night in at home. No babysitter required!!

  • Sher Giambra

    nice dinner and of course chocolate

  • Melinda Wells

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is my husband makes me dinner. For dessert Lindor truffles and wine.

  • Leah Sorensen

    I like to go for a long evening walk and have a romantic dinner at home.

  • Kim Jacobson

    At home with a romantic dinner and a movie

  • cappytweet

    a romantic private dinner + movie

  • Tricia Martin

    Dinner & Movie at home and cuddles.

  • Judy

    We celebrate as a family with a special dinner and extra special desserts. I also send “surprise” love notes in my daughter’s backpack and lunch and in my hubby’s briefcase!!!

  • Rija Ranch

    Giving some gifts and surprises for my loved ones

  • Maria P

    chocolates and a romantic dinner

  • sandra davis

    A nice dinner out somewhere. It doesn’t have to be any place fancy. And of course some yummy chocolates for dessert.

  • Tabetha Vinzant

    Love the table scape and those brownies look delicious and I love spending valentines day just a quite night at home. tabetha tlili

  • Sheri Newell Anderson

    We always enjoy going to dinner and maybe a movie if there is something worth seeing, thanks!

  • Anny Banouvong

    Chocolate and a nice dinner❤️

  • deanna hanson

    dinner and a good dessert at home

  • Melissa Shaulis Mazzur

    I love a quiet dinner with my sweetie!

  • marcquitta hamm

    Lindt chocolate always makes the evening more romantic.

  • KatM21

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is having special yummy sweets (truffles fave), love the set to impress. Receiving and/or giving flowers, making Valentine’s to hand out, and a special Valentine’s Day dinner. #LINDTLOVE

  • Sarah

    The Brownies look amazing

  • Josephine Sanderson

    A romantic dinner and movie at home!

  • Tami Fritz Adolf

    Dinner out and dessert at home is a perfect Valentines.

  • Dina Perrault

    Dinner with my husband

  • Debbie Plew

    With 6 kids ages 6-10, my favorite way to celebrate is to just be alone with my husband!!

  • SheilaV

    I prefer a private gourmet dinner at home with candlelight, flowers, and then later to cuddle up and watch a good movie together.

  • oiying

    Dinner with my husband and kids.

  • kathydonley

    staying at home. I make a nice dinner, hate fighting the crowds

  • perla m.

    dinner with my husband of almost 17 years and my daughter and two sons. nothing means more to me than being with them on valentines day!

  • Big Sky

    Dinner at home with the family, and a great dessert! Love the Brownie recipe, thanks!

  • LuckyTJG

    Dinner and a nice quiet evening together

  • estall

    Sharing treats with my children.

  • leighnichols

    Having a movie night with a delicious dinner and decadent chocolate fondue for dessert

  • Mary Elizabeth Berry

    I buy the boxed Valentine’s that kids usually hand out at their class Valentine’s Day parties and make them out to all my coworkers. I go around delivering them at work with a little treat for each coworker. It’s a lot of fun and always brings a smile to the workplace.

  • MayLing Stone

    Sharing homemade cookies with co-workers and dinner at home with hubby and my 2 lovely kids!

  • joan carr

    With the family

  • kassieK

    Sharing with hubby and my daughter!

  • Linda Noda Treadwell

    I love getting table decorations and making a nice family dinner, with lots of delicious desserts, decorated with pink and red colors.

  • Paula Riccobono

    all-day movie marathon

  • Jodi Hardy Johnson

    Yum! Great festive ideas :)

  • Irina

    DInner and movie

  • Katrina

    It’s my Dad’s birthday, so celebrating with him and then my local library has a Chinese auction and chocolate bash.

  • Lisa Blumberg

    Love Lindt for the holidays! #LindtLove!

  • thedanielsr

    Just with being with family!

  • Amy Cooley

    Our family will probably enjoy a quiet evening at home with a special meal.

  • Sonya_Morris

    Dinner at home with the family.

  • Cristy Ridey

    A quite night together is the best.

  • Alicia

    spending the evening with my hubby and kiddos at home :)

  • Kris B

    Watching movies!

  • LeAnn

    Quiet dinner and movies!

  • Roberta Dunton

    Dinner for two!

  • Christina Hawkins

    Dinner and a movie :)

  • Scampers

    Dinner and movie night

  • Niccole Tapp

    I like celebrating by going out to eat!

  • Allison

    I like to go out to dinner with my husband.

  • Vivian

    Going out to eat.

  • Kelly Wilson

    Dinner and a movie

  • Senna Kory

    Movie night at home

  • bellinghamlifer

    Quiet dinner with hubby

  • richelle leffler

    I like to celebrate with my daughter by watching girly movies while eating chocolate and ice cream.

  • Rachel Radford

    With lots of chocolate, and more chocolate. A nice dinner with my husband is good, too.

  • Megan Michelle Osborn

    Galentines day with romantic comedies and chocolate!

  • Kim Hinson

    just spending time with my boyfriend and maybe some nice chocolate and dinner.

  • bilqees bano

    spending time on the beach

  • Veronica Acosta

    I love going to dinner and a movie. Super simple night out with my hubby. ❤️

  • Seyma Shabbir

    I love to go out for dinner, have chocolates and watch a movie!

  • Michelle Bartley

    Have a romantic dinner at home!

  • Harley Diven

    With chocolate and champagne

  • Kelly Kriefall

    Dinner with my husband and friends.

  • Sand

    I like to spend Valentine’s Day in loving company!

  • annette

    We have been married for almost 30 years and our Valentine’s day tradition is to drive up to Lake Tahoe for 2 days. We have dinner in a fancy restaurant and spend the evening dancing.

  • tara pittman

    I like to bake for my husband

  • Kyndal Smith

    Ordering chinese and playing Halo.

  • lisa n

    Recipe looks good!

  • Eugenia Hall

    Usually my hubby works so its just me and the cats on the day itself, but we do always try to do something fun one of the weekends close to the day.

  • Rebecca S

    We like to make dinner together from our Cooking For Two cookbook and stay in. We ALWAYS have chocolate!

  • Mendy Dinsmore

    With my sweet Valentine!

  • Elicia P

    Favorite way to celebrate is with my children. Yes, my husband is around but my children are special and they will not want to celebrate Valentine’s day with my forever

  • Kimberly Elliott

    Wow. Those are such great ideas!

  • kristybrice

    leaving little hints all day to revel the plans for the night

  • michelle warner

    just hanging out with my special man enjoying the little things in life #LindtLove

  • Jenn Koziol

    I love making dinner and relaxing!

  • Sarah Weiss

    Making dinner and spending time at home with my husband!

  • Dandi D

    I just enjoy spending some time with my husband without our kids around!

  • Mary Zelli

    I love to have dinner at home with my sweet husband and dog including some dark chocolate for me and milk for him.

  • Mary Ramirez

    Chocolates of course. But a nice quiet dinner and a bottle of wine.

  • Befitz

    Usually i have to work during the day, then we sometimes have dinner out.

  • Danielle

    With chocolates!!! We both are chocolate fanatics and celebrate every holiday with a chocolate treat!!! #LindtLove

  • Stephanie Morgan

    With a nice dinner, wine, a movie and chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate!! #LindtLove

  • Julie McCollum

    Going out w my hubby to a nice sit down dinner, movies, and of course dessert. We love so many kinds of Lindt Chocolates. #Lindt #giveaway

  • teena

    A nice dinner and a movie

  • Angela Thomas

    I love to spend it with my husband and daughter’s. We always have a nice dinner together and either go to the family Valentine’s dance or movies.

  • Bourkette8

    My favorite truffles! ❤️

  • Olivia

    I love to spend it with my husband and kids. We have a big dinner together and have chocolates after.

  • angela

    My hubby and I met on a blind date set up by my bestie. We double dated and it was on Valentine’s Day! It was also my mom’s birthday so we have always had a big celebration with birthday/Valentine’s Day/anniversary themed cake/decorations, lots of food and gifts. Sadly, my mom is no longer with us but we still honor her at our now much smaller celebration by still having a birthday/Valentine’s Day/anniversary cake!

  • Christina Peters

    I love to spend quality time with my other half of 26+ years having a nice dinner then cuddling on the couch with Lindt truffles for dessert!

  • Angel Mendez

    Lindor chocolate is my favorite

  • vina

    With my gorgeous bf

  • Isabel

    My favorite way is with chocolate especially with lindor and i like this DIY ETCHED CHAMPAGNE FLUTES that looks easy fun and romantic

  • Heather B

    We like to keep it simple and just spend the day together as a family.

  • I give candy to my girls and my husband and I celebrate by going out to lunch. Less crowded that way.

  • moushka

    Champagne and chocolate!

  • Annamarie Voss

    I love going for a day trip on Valentines day and a nice dinner.

  • shebeast

    I keep a bag of Lindt Lindor truffles and eat 3-4 every single day. Can you say “addicting”??? I get extras on Valentine’s Day!!

  • Tammy Valley

    My hubby & I usually go out for a steak dinner & dessert. We have Lindor chocolates almost daily. :)

  • Sarah Warden

    I like to
    Spend it with family and my kids .

  • jessica datuin

    Spend it with family and friends.

  • Starbelly

    I make a nice dinner with something silly like one of our inside jokes for dessert.

  • barb popescu

    I am bedridden, so just watching lifetime movies and surfing the ‘net

  • Elisabeth Lee

    We have a fancy home cooked family Valentine’s day dinner with chocolate mousse for dessert.

  • Lisa Woods

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Christina Elaine Courtney

    I’d love a bunch of Lindy truffles. A dream come true

  • marcicornelius

    dinner and a movie

  • melanie h

    I love to spend the night in with my husband cooking and watching a movie.

  • Jessica Lynch

    Wine and chocolate!

  • Nancy Calvillo

    I love a quiet time home with my husband

  • kristieb

    Love Chocolate and will spend time with my boys.

  • Ellen B

    a nice dinner and I hope this year I get some awesome chocolate!

  • paula

    Lunch with my daughter and a special treat for her. Dinner with my husband and maybe a moive <3

  • Paula Munro

    A nice quiet dinner

  • Michelle Simmonds Ayers


  • Margaret

    Dinner at home with my husband. Much better than waiting in an over crowded restaurant.

  • Laura Hammontree

    Romantic dinner with my husband. Maybe a weekend getaway. Have Wine, Cheese, & Chocolate.

  • Susan S.,TN

    Splurging on a dinner at with my hubby of 20 years, like shrimp, crab cakes, & crab legs. Then followed up with a creamy rich chocolate pie!! YUMMYYY!!! We can cook a mean seafood dinner at home..

  • Adriana Snell

    I fix a great steak and lobster dinner for my family. Dessert is always a strawberry cheesecake topped with a Lindt truffle for that special pop of WOW!

  • Jennifer Capannari

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is by going out for a nice dinner!

  • Julie Jackson-Steele

    As long as I am with my husband, I don’t care what we do. <3

  • Irene

    I love this. I want to make those brownies

  • Sabrina Foster

    Chocolate, chocolate & more chocolates!

  • Jessica Padilla

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by going on a nice date that includes steak and chocolate.

  • Elizabeth Resch

    A nice dinner, with champagne and chocolates.

  • Justine Wilkins

    My favorite way to spend Valentine’s is me my hubby a quiet dinner and lots of hugs and kisses

  • Heather Jones

    I really just like the home made cards from my kids and some of my favorite Lindt Truffles. Life is about the little things, they mean so much more!

  • carol

    We usually just stay in and have dinner

  • Lisa Shepherd

    Family dinner at home!

  • lisanne624

    Dinner and a movie!

  • Michelle S.

    A quiet evening at home and chocolate!

  • rhonda fuller

    We celebrate with a quiet dinner and movie at home

  • Renee Weinberg

    We treat the family to a breakfast at out favorite breakfast nook.

  • Tamma Williams Borzotra

    I celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving my daughters a box of chocolates, and a carnation for each year of their age. I give my grandchildren a smaller bag of candy and a card.

  • Ronda Walton

    Making valentines for the Veterans at the Veterans Hospital. Then having a dinner with my family. The kids help make chocolate covered strawberries and other fruit with brownies.

  • Suzanne Goode

    Lindt chocolate in the Swiss tradition on Valentine’s Day or any special day

  • traymona

    A steak dinner at home then snuggling with my man while watching a movie.

  • Lorelei Lynn Frank

    Dinner, anywhere but at home!

  • Kimberly Marie Bryan

    Simple for me; just lots of chocolates!

  • Tracy Z

    We like to stay in for Valentine’s Day!

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    I love to cook a special dinner at home for my wonderful hubby!

  • Kelly Westerman

    Chocolate covered strawberries!

  • Dinner with my single gal pals

  • Margie Hunter

    I don’t think the raspberry dark chocolate truffles would make it into a recipe, but it does sound delicious!

  • Amber Bourland

    We celebrate with birthday cake for my husband, who was a Valentine’s Day baby. He said he always felt cheated out of birthdays when he was a kid, so I try to make sure he isn’t cheated as an adult. Of course, that means I get “cheated” out of Valentine’s Day! LOL

  • I like to stay home, watch a movie and have a pizza with bf

  • Debra Patton

    Restaurants are crowded so I usually broil steaks at home and bake something tasty.

  • Danielle Jones

    I spend Valentine’s Day at home with my family. We have a nice dinner together and I get my daughters flowers.

  • Bev Kangas

    I like to cook a “themed” dinner, using foods like artichoke hearts and beets, and make heart shaped biscuits

  • Misty Swearingen

    We are having a family Valentine’s dinner at home!

  • Brenda

    We have dinner together and watch movies.

  • loriwilliams

    I love to make my husband his favorite meal and a special dessert!

  • saphiresandiamonds

    Love going to dinner, and of course chocolates!

  • Sue Mo

    A quiet dinner at home followed by ice cream and chocolate for dessert

  • Heather Gray

    I like to have a nice quiet dinner with my husband.

  • Mai

    Dinner and exchanging valentines with my kids

  • Christie

    I love to go out to dinner!

  • bobbi

    dinner and a movie

  • Sushi dinner followed by chocolates and red wine!

  • Jenn

    Just being with my hubby and sweet kiddo is my favorite way to share the love. <3

  • BrendaHaines81

    By being with the ones I love and having a special meal and chocolates, of course.

  • Jen

    Baking sweet treats at home for a special dinner

  • Julie

    I love a nice lunch or dinner with my husband and just spending a relaxing time together.

  • Kaye Newman

    Going out on a romantic date with my husband.

  • Ae Minx

    Baking cookies with my son

  • Kimmie B.

    With a special dinner with my family and then we will watch movies.

  • Texan101

    With a movie and dinner with my husband!

  • meoverthere

    A night away with hubby, even if it just sitting in a crappy hotel room watching tv and ordering pizza, just as long as its just the two of us.

  • Christina

    Dinner & a movie.

  • Rosa Maria Rodriguez

    Working but having a nice dinner with the family at home and than time to spent with my other half.

  • Ashley Agner

    Dinner and a movie at home with my husband and kiddos!

  • Anna Budziak

    This year it happens to fall on the 1st day of Lent so will need to get my chocolate fix in on the 13th.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I make a romantic dinner for two.

  • Jennifer Jaye Bay

    I love to do anything with my Husband, just spend time together!

  • Donna

    Going out to dinner with my husband

  • mami2jcn

    I love to celebrate by giving each of my 4 kids and my husband Lindor truffles! This giveaway is awesome!

  • Pamela Halligan

    I enjoy going to dinner with my boyfriend. It’s our anniversary.

  • Courtney Hodacs

    Fondue and a movie at home!

  • Gloria Boatman

    I celebrate Valentines Day by making my family favorite meal, putting candles on the table with little hearts, and making their favorite desserts

  • stefaniegladden

    I love to cook dinner at home.

  • Rachel

    I love cooking at home and having different dessert choices.

  • Renee HendersonGray

    Me and my husband enjoy dinner at home with all the trimmings. It means more to us.

  • angela c

    Enjoying a nice wine and good movie with the ones i love.

  • Christina G

    Spending the evening with my wonderful husband.

  • margaretsmith

    I like to spend the evening with my husband and sons. I really like going out to eat or having takeout. Nice to celebrate by having a break from cooking and spending time with my family.

  • Alicia Peterson

    by cooking a dinner at home and then baking a cake!

  • Amy

    I love to celebrate with the love of my life in a secluded area.

  • Calshondra Williams

    Me and hubby always prepare a private dinner together, drink wine and watch some movies.

  • Veronica123

    I love celebrating Valentine’s day with going out to eat with my husband and four sons.

  • RainDanceMan

    Dinner and a movie!

  • Brandi Ellison

    we like to make it a family day of love! the kiddos get chocolates and a stuffie, and reminded that we love them. Mom and Dad give each other a gift, we have dinner and watch a movie

  • Cynthia

    I love to celebrate by cooking together and just relaxing for the evening!! Candles, romantic music, great food, and chocolate covered strawberries!

  • Beverly Guajardo

    My sweet hubby cooks me a romantic dinner with candles and wine all I need is some Lindt Chocolates to make the best Valentine’s Day ever. #LindtLove

  • Jenna Osborne

    Making pretty Valentine cookies!

  • Kelly White Rencher

    We celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating our daughter’s birthday!

  • Shawn Andree

    Dinner and a quiet night alone with my husband would be the perfect way to spend Valentines Day.

  • DQ

    It will be a quiet night at home.

  • elixir

    A nice quiet evening at home, with chocolate !

  • Rebecca Pazsint

    Watching my favorite movie, while eating chocolate & drinking white wine

  • Debbie Knoeck Nicolson

    Dinner out with chocolate and good glass of wine.

  • Tracy Heyer

    Dinner with my hubby and walk on the beach.

  • Christine Beasley

    Date night in with my husband: his popcorn, a cozy fire, fondue, WII games.

  • Melinda Richardson

    We play Lazer Tag lmao.

  • Nicole Martin

    Go out to eat

  • cris

    dinner and a movie with a foot rub

  • Amy Miller

    Dungeness crab dinner at home, something chocolatey for dessert and a romcom on the TV with my husband

  • Christa Lopez

    We love to enjoy a movie and dinner out!

  • My3Sons33

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is a nice dinner with my husband. Lisa David Carr

  • Michelle Elizondo

    I like getting gifts for everyone in my family

  • Candace Galan

    Snuggled up on the couch with my hubby watching movies

  • Cynthia Braus

    Baking a heart-shaped cake.

  • I love staying in, watching a movie, eating my favorite pizza, and eating some delectable chocolates.

  • Rachael Pernici

    I love making breakfast and dinner with my spouse, and cookies with our daughter. We do arts and crafts and eat lots of chocolate! A comic book movie is a perfect ending to our day!

  • Saundra Bowers

    Dinner, then movies and sweets.

  • pricousins

    A romantic dinner on a harbor cruise and dancing!

  • Robin Margolin

    Sharing a quiet evening with my spouse.

  • NightowlTJRD

    I haven’t had a valentine in a very long time so I really don’t celebrate it, but chocolates would help!! :0)

  • Brandy Crabtree

    Dinner and a movie

  • Kim Naumann

    Going out to eat

  • memetu

    I want a family gathering…maybe we’ll meet at a restaurant.

  • Gabby-Lily Raines

    Great ideas.

    Spending time with loved ones – depending on our moods, either cook special meal or go out to dinner.

  • Amy C

    Dinner and a movie with my hubby!

  • KantaKoji

    Dinner date with the hubby :)

  • sweeper40

    Dinner out, then chocolates!

  • Shawna Bell

    with mu husband and our fur babies!!

  • Denise Richline- Layman

    a nice quiet evening with my hubs

  • Sal Val

    I like to go out to dinner with my Valentine

  • Dirtybirdsoaps

    Sitting in the couch playing video games, order a pizza and eat some chocolate…..perfect day

  • Warren Matouk

    After a laid back dinner-we snuggle at home !

  • Nichole Straub

    We go to the movies

  • michelle

    me and my kids bake valentines day cookies or cupcakes.

  • Christal Mormann

    A nice home cooked meal

  • Zeva Declercque

    Eating chocolate

  • Danielle Gero Cloward

    We stay home, go out to eat the week before, and my hubby buys flowers a couple weeks later =save $$$. (We’re teachers.)

  • Angela W

    Love spending it with my family!

  • onyiakpanisi

    I love to dress up and go out with hubby

  • Katie Flanigan

    Spending it in with friends and family, and chocolate!!

  • DonnyR

    I celebrate Valentines by going shopping afterwards when all of the candy is on sale.

  • Lauri Crumley Coates

    Don’t really celebrate, just cook hubby a nicer dinner than usual, gift daughter and her hubby a restaurant gc

  • Amanda Kaye Price

    I celebrate by cooking my husband a great meal and making him a chocolate cake!

  • Mathew Breinlinger

    I celebrate Valentine’s by getting chocolates and flowers for my wife and daughter.

  • cynthiagray

    I love being with my sweetie, enjoying a special meal, watching a movie and eating buttered popcorn in bed!

  • angela34wi

    We usually just cook a nice meal at home and get a little gift for each other, our children also. Usually it’s chocolates.☺

  • Judy L

    Eating chocolate and handing out Valentine’s

  • Angela Kern

    Going to dinner with the family

  • rondadoug

    Lunch and traveling with hubby

  • Marcia Leonard

    yummy yummy yummy theres Lindt in my tummy…please I would love to win… your chocolate

  • Lisa A M

    Since my birthday is 2 days before Valentine’s, my mom started a tradition of having a red-baking day as a pre-party prep day that evolved into the actual party! When I went to college, I kept this alive, even in the dorms, (microwave red velvet mug cake anyone?!) which turned into a lot of little lessons on the importance of room temp ingredients, using unsalted butter, etc., for my friends (many of them guys, who got pretty good!) A lot of my friends tell me they got their first & most enduring lesson on baking from my mom, who comes from generations of bakers. We’ve even used beet on a friend’s suggestion to make our treats a little more natural. These days it’s a combined birthday/Valentine’s baking party, like Christmas cookies, which is great to catch up with friends who went away for New Year’s. The best part is everyone pitches in ideas and ingredients and then takes some goods home so I don’t end up eating 50 cookies by myself!

  • Carol Roberts clark

    Going to dinner with the family

  • Connie Danielson

    just sitting at home and eating some chocolates!

  • atlornah

    I like to have a nice dinner

  • Doris Marie

    I spend a quiet evening at home with my husband. Probably watch some tv, nothing really special.

  • Sue Barney

    I like to go out to a nice dinner with my hubby , and come home and watch a great movie while eating some yummy chocolate and of course that is Lindor Truffles since hubby knows they are my favorite! :)

  • Lanie K.

    Just spending one on one alone time together is always nice! A nice dinner by the fire :)

  • Lorina Padgett

    We usually have a great dinner together. We always avoid the crowds so we either eat late or plan our celebration on the 15th.

  • Sandy Lapp

    My favorite way to celebrate is to just have uninterrupted time with my guy. To laugh, to talk, and to enjoy each other’s company. 19 years and 4 kids later, we still enjoy spending time with each other!!

  • Sand you

    dinner, and movies

  • Hanna D.

    I enjoy a nice dinner with my husband.

  • gaynell smith

    We just have dinner and watch nextflix, maybe have a glass of wine! Its a relaxing evening!

  • Susan Pertierra

    We have a special dinner or lunch and try to make it romantic.

  • Tammy Studt

    Quiet dinner at home

  • Mary W

    I like sharing a home cooked meal with my loved ones.

  • Carol Smith

    A quiet cozy dinner at home with my husband.

  • Christy George

    My husband and I have celebrated Valentine’s Day for 30 years now by going out to eat at a nice restaurant. And we usually order something made with chocolate for dessert! ♥️

  • Sarah Oldfield

    champagne with strawberries, cheese, & chocolate

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    We have a very low-key dinner at home.

  • ispossibly

    Buying some chocolate

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I enjoy going out to dinner and then having my hubby give me dessert with Lindt chocolates :)

  • Joyce Wilson

    Dinner at home

  • My favorite Valentine’s Day activities is giving my kids sweet little gifts (and one of them loves Lindt truffles)!

  • Megan DeTray

    It has been our tradition for about 6 years to have pizza from our hometown place, beer, and chocolate!

  • Sandra Ellis

    I enjoy the day by sitting and having a nice dinner at home and enjoying each others company

  • Ashley

    Sushi, chocolate covered strawberries, and Die Hard.

  • Simon_Says_Rain

    Lindt Chocolates, flowers and dinner.

  • Brett Paschen

    By sending Valentines chocolates and a stuffed animal to each of my grandsons.

  • Annette H

    Dinner and movie at home.

  • Denise M

    Takeout and a movie

  • Gwendolyn Ford

    Dinner at home

  • susan

    Dinner at home, a valentines card and chocolates

  • Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    A weekend with my husband and our dog Josie in the RV at the beach.

  • sarah oswald

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is going out to eat because I don’t have to cook it.

  • Lynn

    Dinner in and a movie

  • Lisa Defferding

    Dinner and a night in.

  • Shelia Hall

    romantic dinner at home with flowers and candles

  • Heidi Burns

    I love to bake and especially for Valentine’s Day.

  • Jane

    Relaxing and hanging with hubby!

  • Bev Havens

    I Love relaxing at home with my family

  • Tom Svinarich

    at home with all the creature comforts

  • William C Karcher


  • Pat S

    A nice dinner at home with the family and a special dessert after.

  • Dawn Marie

    A nice relaxing night staying in!

  • Theresa Thomas

    I love spending the day cooking a homemade meal and cuddling to movies all day. Don’t really enjoy crowded places..

  • Laura Willis Schag

    Dinner at nice place. Then home alone with hubby.

  • disqus_iNYqukIuoN

    relaxing at home

  • Annmarie Weeks

    I don’t like making a big deal of Valentine’s Day. Last year, my hubby & I went to our local bar & had dinner & played trivia there. That was perfect!

  • Treating myself to a nice dinner, as I don’t have anyone in my life right now.

  • Paddy England

    I would love a nice dinner at home and watch a good movie.

  • Kathy Ramirez

    Time with my husband at a nice restaurant.

  • thepittsmn

    At home with a nice bottle of wine and dinner.

  • Danny Bender

    nothing better Lindt Chocolate

  • chris hoey

    Time with my grandkids at a nice restaurant.

  • Amanda Grover

    Beaches are always a #1 choice

  • Andi

    A romantic, candlelit dinner, of course! I especially love when my guy makes dinner for me!

  • Dale Dixon

    I share the day with my wife and kids. Plus the 364 Days before and 364 Days after

  • Tracey Pullum

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentines Day with my hubby is usually a good seafood meal out. Topped off later with some yummy chocolate, preferably Lindor!

  • Katherine

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is dinner at a new restuarant!

  • Lisa Williams

    usually my husband takes me out to dinner and when we come home there is flowers a card and chocolates waiting for me.

  • outcastbeta


  • outcastbeta

    Playing co op video games.

  • patty wright

    Going to a movie theatre

  • cmsb901

    Walking along the beach at sunset here in Florida.

  • Deirdre Cohan

    Romantic dinner

  • Sherry Daniels

    My great & grands love making cards & unwrapping Lindt choc balls as they call them.

  • Alicia Hewitt

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is having a romantic dinner at home, and soak with my fiance in a bubble bath.

  • Wendy Forbes

    I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant followed by a movie afterwards.

  • Kristen Seville

    I like celebrating Valentine’s day being around the people that mean the most to me. I enjoy making treat bags for all the kids I know, spending time with family, at night my fiance and I usually go out to dinner or I will cook a nice dinner at home, and if we go out splurging on a hotel room for the night or staying cuddled up watching Netflix. As long as I am around the people I love, I am happy.

  • Paul Fortunato

    happy Valentines Day everyone

  • kellystacy424

    Happy Vday. take out with the kids

  • Stephanie Shipley

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is baking lots of treats for my family to eat and to gift to our loved ones! I also make crafts with my son.

  • Samantha Berkemeier

    My favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day is a nice dinner and a movie, with ice cream and a romantic walk afterwards.

  • Peggy D

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is a nice quiet meal with my hubby maybe cuddling on the couch and watching a movie

  • Dawn Dodge

    I love making homemade treats for all of my Valentines and the brownie recipe on this page is going to be the one this year!

  • Kate Max

    Dinner with the extended family, then home to watch a movie with popcorn.

  • Toni Archer Wright

    My favorite way to spend Valentines day is with my family home together. We usually order in.

  • Kelly Seward Martin

    Sharing a special dessert with my husband

  • Sharon Braswell

    With special chocolates, cards, and home made desserts shared with my family!

  • Kaylin Bruce

    I love celebrating Valentine’s day with my husband. Dinner and a movie at home is my favorite!

  • tpars

    Love these ideas!!

  • Lori

    Eat Chocolate of course.

  • Amber Van Sweden

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is by baking something sweet. Thank you for including the recipe to the raspberry truffle fudge brownies. Those will be a big hit!

  • Carey Cole

    I love making a fancy dinner at home!

  • Bri

    Spending time with all my loved ones, whether it’s family, friends, or my significant other

  • Dawn Eggert

    All the chocolates and good stuff! Spoiling everyone!

  • Tracy Renee Snyder

    Valentines Day is also my anniversary. If I am lucky he takes me out to eat. If he works I cook something special. Been married to this man forever and can’t say when I have ever got a present for either. Someone pray for me, oh I mean him.

  • gogirl4

    Stay in a Suite with sweets . . . AND champagne.

  • Deborah Beyer

    It’s freezing cold here in northeast Wisconsin so my favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this year anyway, will be to have my partner grill some steaks while I’m inside making baked potatoes and a salad. Then enjoy some decadent Lindt candy, curl up and watch a couple ‘chick flicks’.

  • Kimberly

    My fiance proposed to me on Valentine’s Day last year along with some Lindor truffles. We had homemade pizzas so that’s going to now be our tradition. Pizza and Truffles. :)

  • Alicia

    I love going to an early dinner with my husband and then coming home for some “alone” time before leaving again to pick up the kids from grandpa and grandmas!

  • Sue Leinberger

    A quiet night at home, an adult beverage and some Lindor truffles!

  • katie harris

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to try some DIY treats. It’s so much fun to make each other some thing yummy or a nice hand made card while making memories with each other.

  • Rhonda Miotke

    A quiet night watching netflix with my hubby.

  • Stacy Philip

    Chocolate champagne and my boyfriend is perfection!

  • Veronica Richards

    Chocolate and My Husband….quiet night at home. we have 2 grand-kids and a kids birthday in feb. so Valentines day is at home.

  • Jennifer Q.

    I love exchanging cards and chocolates with my husband.

  • Jenn Fike

    i honestly just want peace and quiet lol

  • p.woods

    Chocolate is my Valentine favorite.

  • Kathy Rubio

    A nice dinner, some flowers and chocolate

  • Tara Zarecky

    My favorite way to celebrate is having my husband buy me Lindor Truffles! They are my favorite chocolate.

  • Randie Kelley

    At home with honey – we try to avoid going out when everyone else is.

  • donna W

    We stay home and make a nice dinner!

  • mberlin1967

    I probably couldn’t top last year’s Valentine’s date which was sporadic & random, my fiance was working out of town although he knows how much Valentine’s Day means to me. A male friend of 37 yrs agreed to go out with me, showing up with a coffee mug & chocolates. We went for Chinese & he said “You don’t think I’m taking you home early now that I have you out?”. I just giggled like a schoolgirl as we drove for a drink then another with long conversations in between to catch up our friendship. Worried about drinking to much, we headed to a bar closer to home where we thought we would remain anonymous and not have to explain being out together although my fiance knew we were. In walks a ton of people we knew including my friend’s ex-wife. Our quiet evening was blown and we were invited to a house party from there. Both tipsy, we took “back roads” home as we had done when we were teenagers and time seemed to just stop. Nothing happened between us other than almost 4 decades later, we both knew the chemistry was still there. He remains one of my best friends but our chance at a relationship passed many years ago, that love will always be there though.

  • nac

    Eating the sweets!

  • vera hanson

    I would love to be wined and dined, but my husband doesn’t like crowds so I usually make a surf and turf dinner at home.

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I enjoy sharing delicious food with someone I love.

  • Melissa Mclaughlin

    i want to win

  • Anita Duvall

    I love a nice dinner out with my husband.

  • Randy Parks

    A great dinner out with my wife

  • cindy brickley

    I will be sharing my valentine day with my son! We are both single and alone.

  • Annette

    I like going out to dinner to celebrate.

  • Chelley G

    Great ideas. Nothing beats chocolate in making any day special. Thank you.

  • Brenda Powell

    I love Lindor chocolates my life is so complete with every bite.

  • Carmen Payton

    A Year’s Supply of Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles would be such a wonderful thing to have…and share!

  • Team Broadwater

    Spending every second with my loved ones.

  • ritzy910

    I celebrate with my husband and my children and of course we have lots of chocolate!!

  • Samanthagc

    Celebrate my family including the pets

  • Carol S

    I usually bake cupcakes or brownies on Valentine’s day for my hubby & kids. This year I will be trying the Broma Bakery‘s Raspberry Truffle Fudge Brownie recipe. Pretty sure my family will love them.

  • Sharon Mosley

    I usually celebrate Valentine’s day by going out to eat ! That’s as fancy as we get !! Lol

  • manda

    I like to make something chocolatey.

  • tamaraben

    With lots of chocolates and hugs. I like to make a delicious meal, and I bake a heart shaped cake every year.

  • CONANAN2006

    a nice dinner

  • Debbie McNair

    Thank you for the opportunity of participating. We love all the products and will definitely try some of the tips from the blog.

  • My wife like going out for lunch and a movie to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Jo Ashley

    I always hope we are enjoying nice weather, no calving difficulties and chocolate mousse for dessert.

  • Lovemymunchkins00

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is with a nice candle lit dinner at home with some chocolate.

  • Lisa Kerstein

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is dining out with the whole family. We like our togetherness, especially during the holidays.

  • Esther Kleinman

    I don’t celebrate but I really like chocolate

  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    I like to go out to dinner with my hubby and watch a romantic movie at home while we enjoy our favorite delicious Lindor Truffles!

  • Tee Trimble

    I like to make an indulgent dessert for my family on Valentines. I even have the heart shaped pans just for the day.

  • Bethany Smith

    I like making fun Valentines Day food for my kids and I always enjoy a nice home-cooked meal and dessert with my husband

  • Kirsten Kimball

    Alone time. Just having time for the two of us alone is special..

  • Garelyn Williams

    I want to celebrate valentines with my husband and children and show them my love and affection

  • Marilyn Angela Holt

    We used to go to dinner but it’s always super busy everywhere so we decided to make our own version from the Menu at Black Angus. Grilled Filet Mignon, Baked Potato’s, Brown Bread, Baked Potato Soup, and end with a decadent Chocolate Cake. We have a better time together cooking and the comfort of being home.

  • Patrick Jones

    making a nice dinner if we don’t go out and for a few years now have been making dipped dark/white choc berries!

  • Atlas Riley

    a rich chocolatey homemade lava cake using Lindt chocolate!…preferably not made by me ;)

  • Kimberly Snyder

    I love making a special dinner and I especially love getting flowers and chocolates from my loved ones.

  • amsgraff

    Lindt chocolates are my favorite. Great for Valentine’s Day.

  • Kristin McCall

    I love to spend Valentines Day with my husband. We go out for dinner and usually a movie. Chocolates would be the perfect addition to the day.

  • Jen

    having a steak dinner at home followed by chocolate treats for dessert. We put our son to bed a little early and enjoy a good movie and spend the rest of the night cuddling while probably eating more chocolate.

  • Mama Lou

    Oddly enough, I like to celebrate with my family. My kids still think Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate “love” with heart-shaped pizza and ice cream cake. Who am I to argue? The time will come all too soon when they’ll celebrate with someone else. :-)

  • Mathew Katz

    Spending time wth my family!

  • Leslie Belt

    Spending the evening with my hubby!

  • Brent

    I will spend time with my dog.

  • shirley delp

    I’ll be going to the gym

  • Marge Mullinix Bowman

    It’s my husbands birthday also. We usually go out to dinner and then I give him his chocolates! I always tell him not to give me anything but he knows how much I love my Lindt truffles!

  • Heather Savka

    The simple things like making a favorite meal and just something small and special

  • Deb

    I really love to be taken out for a lovely dinner and a glass of wine! And Lindt truffles as a gift!

  • Susan Benson

    Our Anniversary is on 2/11 so we get to doubly celebrate with a special dinner out at our favorite restaurant.

  • Pidgeon

    with family!

  • Jennifer Kradam

    With my family at home!

  • Heather Hollands

    Spending quality time with my family. Maybe a candlelight dinner and movies at home.

  • Chris Naugle

    I love to just spend the day with my husband. We don’t have extra money for stuff, so we just make time our gift to each other.

  • Pauline Piraino

    Quiet dinner for two at home, and cuddled on the couch with dessert and a movie.

  • Janene Vaughn Gutierrez

    At home with my husband and son.

  • nola807

    At home with a good meal and a great dessert

  • Brenda

    We enjoy preparing a special dinner at home, share a bottle of wine, and watch a romantic comedy. I always put out a pretty bowl filled with LINDOR Truffles at holidays, including Valentine’s Day.

  • nonobadkittycat

    A quiet evening at home <3

  • db538

    Lindor Truffles are great in the morning with cappuccino.

  • Laurie Mahoney

    I quiet evening at home with good food and good chocolate.

  • Tonya Atkinson

    I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner with my boyfriend and our 6 year old son.

  • Beryl Snyder

    I love Lindt Chocolate

  • Dinner and a movie at home.

  • Lana Thomas-Wilson

    I’ll be spending as much time as I can with my husband and kids!

  • Kay Carpenter

    Just give me chocolate!

  • ❤❤ Lindt Truffles !!

  • dmwsmiley

    dinner and a movie

  • mary czerczyk

    Dinner and a movie

  • Becky McClure

    Alone time if we an get it. Chocolate n kisses. My hunny and i both love your truffles.

  • Licia Miles

    Dinner and a movie!

  • Jessica Herring

    Dinner with my man

  • Olga Thomas

    Romantic dinner at home with chocolate and a movie! :)

  • CHIRT143

    A simple dinner with my family

  • Rhonda

    I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family, with good chocolate and board games to play.

  • Amanda M


  • Tina Harris

    A nice quiet dinner out with the husband and and sons

  • Donna Dorman

    Seafood and good company.

  • Lily Lin

    Making dessert!

  • Joshua Craig

    I love preparing a delicious meal.

  • Emily Smith

    I love making dinner together, my husband runs the grill, and I make all the sides and dessert. We usually watch a movie after dinner and spend a lot of time talking.

  • Troy Craig

    I enjoy treating my sweetheart with flowers, candy, and a nice home-cooked meal.

  • Lori C.

    I like to make my husband his favorite steak dinner.

  • trichie

    movie and dinnerr

  • Aaron Reck

    Romance and chocolates with my sweets. Thanks so much.

  • Essence

    Dinner at home with my hunny

  • Bob Morella

    We enjoy cooking together and having a nice romantic dinner with soft music and candlelight.

  • Jennifer Essad

    we’ve celebrated low key most years, we like a quite night by the fire

  • cutiebugg

    I like to go out to a fancy restaurant!

  • AmyBrian Cadigan

    Lindt Truffles are truly decadent treat that I would appreciate to win for a year. Thank you Lindt for any and all considerations. Best Wishes!

  • Marla Jones


  • Holly Thomas

    I make heart shaped pizza.

  • Kate F.

    I like to have a nice dinner and watch a romantic movie.

  • Delphinium

    I just like to reminisce about my late husband and our long-term love–and think about the family we produced and that I still have and still love!

  • Amy Williams

    having a spa day with my husband

  • Tee Anderson

    A nice dinner out with my husband.

  • Wanda Sampedro

    We like to go out to a nice dinner and end it with watching a good movie!

  • deb2569

    I like to go on a date with my hubby!

  • I bake a chocolate treat for my husband, like brownies or cake, he picks up takeout for dinner, and we cuddle up on the couch to watch TV. He usually gets me a bag of my favorite Lindt truffles for Valentine’s, and sometimes he gets them just because he is the BEST!

  • greekmama

    this year i am going to make a really nice , romantic dinner at home .. making some of my hubbys favorite things…<3 <3

  • Sue Van Barriger Fishwild

    I love Lindts candy, I want some now.

  • Tara Tennis

    I love Lindor chocolate and cannot wait to make these brownies.

  • Mona Wimberly

    I usually make my hubby a nice dinner and we watch a movie :)

  • Connie Barham

    Spending the day with my husband and eating Lindt white chocolate truffles.

  • deeotto

    Taking my honey out for a swank dinner and then home to seal the deal.

  • Linda Bradshaw

    I usually don’t do anything :(

  • Connie

    Ours is dinner out with the twins. Always give them a stuffed animal and candy every year. They always create me a card or item by hand. It’s a family day for love

  • Melissa Alvarado

    Valentine’s Day is also our wedding anniversary. This February 14th is also our 14th anniversary. We love spending Valentine’s Day by making a fancy dinner at home with decorations to share with our children, a fire in the fireplace and watching our wedding video together.

  • kara bryant

    Getting up early to decorate the house and put valentines themed treats on the kitchen table. I do it every year with my kids just like my mom did for my siblings and I.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Nice dinner out including a delicious dessert item!

  • Melissa Nedo

    my favorite way to celebrate valentines day is cozied up with my husband and son for pizza, candy movie night.

  • angela parrish

    watch a great movies with popcorn and chocolate

  • PatriciaB

    Quiet dinner and home with great food, sparkling wine and chocolates of course!

  • Ashleigh Swope

    eating chocolate

  • Omg best chocolate ever.

  • xangiepx

    Dinner & a movie :)

  • Justine Kinch

    A hug with my husband. <3

  • Megan Michelle Osborn

    By watching romantic comedies and eating chocolate!

  • Dawn Ross

    Seeing the beauty of love, whether admiring couples or watching a rom/com movie. I have been single for awhile, but I love flowers and my favorite Lindt Chocolate truffles

  • Linda Fulton

    dinner and movie

  • cheryl1965

    Eating Lindt Truffles with my sweetheart. The love of my life, my husband of 22 years

  • diane sabatini

    Have a nice dinner and watch a movie together is great for us.

  • Jennifer W

    Eating takeout and watching a funny movie with my husband.

  • Sabrina Templin

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with someone I love :) Just having them in my life makes everything better :)

  • tina young

    Watching a good movie and having a quiet dinner with my fiance

  • Angela Hendricks

    I love being in the company of my husband. He’s the best partner and soul mate a girl could ever be blessed with.

  • Marcia Semones

    I love having take out at home, snuggled up on the couch watching a cute funny movie.

  • Maranda Carlson

    Honestly a quiet dinner with my guy and the little this that make it special is what i like to do on valentines day. I am really crushing on that table setting.

  • vickih

    Dinner with hubby!

  • Chrissy

    Eating chocolate!

  • Elaine Powell

    Dinner out with husband. Lindt chocolates for dessert after we get home!

  • Del

    eating the delicious chocolates

  • snowsome

    Spending the evening with my Husband, enjoying a quiet dinner and eating Lindt chocolate for dessert!

  • Phyllis Ber

    Nice dinner at home.

  • Skipper

    A 3-course meal cooked by a master chef….my husband ! :)

  • Kathy B

    Making a nice dinner together and enjoying it.

  • jerseyblue

    Pizza and chocolate

  • barbie1032

    coffee and chocolate

  • lisa mcfarland

    having a delicious home cooked meal with my husband

  • Sue Tardi

    flowers and a hand made card

  • Cindy Shelley

    A nice dinner without technology.

  • Kimberly H

    a dinner and a movie

  • Terry Cross

    Going out for a nice dinner

  • gourdlady

    Chocolate of course !

  • Sarah

    My husband and I are having tea (with champagne, of course) at home! Busting out the fine china and all that.

  • Katmagick

    My husband and I always doing a nice romantic dinner at home. We have some good wine and an extravagant dinner.

  • Jessica

    At home with a good book and chocolate!

  • Luanne Lawler

    Nice dinner at home with a quiet evening to follow.

  • Karen Shaughnessy

    I like to bake for my loved ones and watch them enjoy the goodies.

  • Karen Ann

    Watching a good romantic movie with some Lindt Chocolates and a good Steak Dinner with Baked Potato and a glass of white wine!

  • Carrie M

    Quiet dinner at home with my loved ones

  • Mary Shelton

    Going out to the movies with my love and family. Nothing like a good movie with a large bucket of kettle popcorn and an icee to wash it down lol. Then we all go to the cheesecake factory and chow down.

  • Kim Cowgar

    Getting takeout & watching a movie at home

  • Evonne Brooks

    Simple but really great ideas.We will be having takeaway pizza.I hate going out on valentines day for a meal!

  • Anna

    just having a nice quiet meal

  • With my husband and kids

  • vitality08

    A romantic dinner with my husband makes the best Valentine’s Day plans.

  • Mario

    Watch tv.

  • Mary Kuenstler

    I like to bake for my friends and family!

  • Pamela Fairchild

    Great ideas and recipes.

  • L.Jennings

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is enjoying birthday cake with my family. And of course I always share my Lindt chocolates that my husbsnd usually gets me. #ValentineBirthday #Lindt

  • Peggie Hu

    Who needs a valentine when you have chocolate

  • Kat PR

    A nice dinner with my family and chocolate!

  • Teresa Organ

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is having a nice dinner with my husband!

  • HeavenLeigh

    I like to watch romantic movies.

  • Rachel Wescott

    My husband and I always have a nice dinner together.

  • Carmen Wright

    Playing hide and Seek with Lindt Truffles <3 I hide them and wait for My Seeker to find them :)

  • knittingdancer on Ravelry

    Having a nice dinner and enjoying a box of Lindt Truffles

  • Erika G.

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is eating chocolate.

  • Current Resident

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is by cooking a great meal

  • DeAnn O

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is going out to dinner with my sweetie.

  • donnak4

    Go out to eat

  • Jenny Gross Stewart


  • donna porter

    Dinner out with my hubby and of course flowers and chocolates!

  • Diane Collins

    We exchange thoughtful cards and chocolates!

  • Karen Rogers

    It’s our 30th anniversary. Some chocolates would be great!!

  • Kimberly D

    I celebrate it with my friends or my television, since I’m currently unattached. And I’m perfectly OK with that. :-)

  • Amy Lee Hood

    I like just being at home with my husband and kids.

  • Mary McCoy

    Stay inside and read

  • Carrie

    I like to celebrate at home with my husband. We’ll eat chocolates and normally make a nice steak dinner, sometimes seafood if it’s affordable. It’s too much hassle to deal with restaurants on that day.

  • Jennifer Hedden

    I love to celebrate with my sweetheart by ordering some Chinese food and watching a movie. Then having some champagne and Lindt chocolates for dessert.

  • Krystal Salazar

    Chocolate and wine. ❤️

  • Terrie L Anderson

    We like to have a nice Valentine’s day dinner together.

  • Nichole McKune

    by relaxing at a quiet dinner

  • Mandy Bergerson

    I like to make my husband a nice dinner with steak au poivre, sauteed veggies and a good dessert.

  • Patty Anderson

    candy and lobster dinnr

  • Anna Marie Bischoff

    I’ve always celebrated w/loved ones. My Mom and Dad,my daughters and this year my grandson!

  • Aubrey Scott Daniels

    Love the table setting!! I’m not sure how long chocolates on the plate would last in my house!!

  • Kelly Freeman

    I like to go out to eat for Valentine’s Day

  • Kari Russell

    Dinner. Steak.

  • Elizabeth

    I like the diy champagne flutes and that idea could be transferred over to other holidays and occasions.

  • Donna Moshier Smith

    Oh my! I need those brownies in my life!! A nice quiet dinner with my husband would be amazing!

  • melissa t

    Surrounded by my loved ones :)

  • Kelly Heitz

    going out for a nice dinner

  • I like to enjoy a nice dinner with my family.

  • Vickie

    Quiet time with my love, at home, nice dinner, low lights.

  • Sandie Burns

    Apparently I like to spend it like every other day because… in 24 years.. I’ve never even gone out to dinner for Valentine’s Day.

  • Penny Norman

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is to share the big heart shaped box of Lindor Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles that I buy my husband most every year!

  • Chris

    I buy the bags of Lindt truffles every 2 weeks at Costco and hardly day goes by that I don’t eat at least 2 or 3.
    They are the best

  • Tammy

    Dinner and a movie

  • Nancy C Dyer

    Dinner and a movie with my family.

  • Missrn

    A nice dinner and then a movie is always a good way to celebrate

  • Brenda

    Eating lots of chocolate!! Lindt has so many flavors to choose from!! YUM!

  • Holly Donaldson

    What an amazing prize!

  • Vicki L Barnett-Owens

    Wow,i have never tried lindor,i would love to win, what a delight that would be to try something new.sounds delicious

  • ARC1111

    anything but getting told “I’m leaving”

  • Christina Tejada

    I love the white chocolate truffles the best

  • Deanna Adkins

    I love to go out to eat at our favorite restaurant. Then go to a movie!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Sorry i follow both pinterest i put the wrong words there

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Wen always get take out so my son can get gluten free foods from his favorite place he cant go out he has a heart transplant and its flu season but we have a fun day together

  • Michelle Taylor

    My husband usually takes me out to dinner, and then to a Blues Club so we can enjoy dancing whilst listening to live music!

  • Jennifer Nisbet

    Home cooked meal and a decadent rich sweet dessert with my hubby.

  • Nancy Rexroad


  • echilt5

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is going out to dinner with my husband & seeing a movie.

  • Kathy Harrison

    Just a nice quiet evening with my husband and my kids.

  • sherry

    With Lindt Chocolates! I have to have them each year at Valentines! I have no valentine anymore so I have to buy them for myself now!

  • Stacey Price

    Cards and the best Lindors in the word! I love to melt them in my mouth!!

  • Kelly Brooks

    Ordering takeout and binge watching Netflix lol

  • Lisa Mathews

    I like to bake red velvet surprise (with chocolate inside!) cupcakes for my students and encourage the sharing of friendship valentines. Then we learn about examples in history of great collaborations.

  • German Lopez

    I buy the wifey flowers and of course her favorite Lindt truffles than we go out to dinner.

  • AGL

    I love to celebrate with a box of chocolates and a movie at home!

  • Sara

    Love to celebrate with chocolate!

  • Derrick Johnson

    A nice homemade dinner,have a gift and watch a great movie.

  • Diana Gervits Gottlieb

    special dinner and a cozy night by the fire

  • Marisa Huck Hagler

    With my daughter and husband!

  • Chiguy64

    with chocolate and my best friend for life, my wife

  • Mickie Bone Danner

    dinner out

  • Melanie Anderson

    I just love the one on one time with my sweetie.

  • Pinkerbelle

    Favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Spending it with my best friend/husband of the past 36 years. This year we are going to a luau!

  • Stephanie V.

    Lovely supper at home as a family. Especially special this year as I’m battling cancer.

  • Irene

    love to stay in and watch a romantic comedy with some delicious take out

  • Linda Collier

    OMG! Love Lindt candies. My special person knows this is my favorite. He will bring some home on Valentines day and we will have a quiet dinner at home.

  • Laura Shannon Mahoney

    Lindt is my family’s favorite chocolate. It’s on the Valentine’s Day list this year of course!

  • Jennifer Leigh Harrington

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is to make my husband and 4 kids a special dinner

  • Maria

    Our favorite way to celebrate is to stay at home, have a luscious romantic dinner, a decadent dessert, and a lot of snuggling while watching our favorite movies.

  • Jessica M


  • Kelli

    That brownie looks amazing! I like to celebrate VDay with a nice dinner out and, of course, lots of chocolate!

  • Linda Woodfin

    Just spending time with hubby is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I love enjoying desserts with my husband and getting to spend time together!

  • Ed Palmer

    Lindt Chocolate is awesome.

  • Barbara Mayes

    I love going out to dinner with my wonderful husband and then catching a movie!

  • Naomie

    I love to celebrate at home with a cozy dinner and chocolates!

  • Sharlene Piscitelli

    My favorite way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is by making handmade cards and sharing a special meal and homemade dessert.

  • Mary Irvin

    I love to celebrate by doing something special with my son whose Birthday is on Valentines Day. It is always special spending time with him. Lost my husband, my soulmate to cancer. We have learned that is the simple things in life that make the day special. Whether it is a meal cooked at home, or ordered in, or if you venture out, it’s the people you are with, whether its family, or great friends, that is what makes the day special. And some delicious Lindt chocolate makes it complete.

  • Sheila Self

    Best chocolate.

  • Cathy Coibion

    I have no one, so I share with my sweet grandkids!

  • Carol Buchman

    Going out for a nice romantic dinner and indulging in lots of delicious chocolates!!

  • Rachael

    yum! I love Lindt chocolate

  • Maureen Moheit Blatz

    I like staying home and having a romantic dinner

  • Deanne Kedrowski-Laine

    Just a nice quiet dinner at home…with dessert…and our grandkids..

  • Marybeth Barone Stefani

    Melt in your mouth good. Best chocolate ever.

  • alisha

    I LOVE to celebrate Valentines day with my husband and the kids. Having all four of them together for a family dinner out means everything. They are only small so long and we are never promised tomar. So instead of spending time with my husband we love including the kids on Valentines day.

  • Kay Lynn

    Love Lindt Chocolate! It is made not far for where I live!

  • Becky Corser

    Lindt Chocolate is so amazing!!

  • vikkiparman

    I love the flowers and chocolate celebrations for VDay.

  • Randy Gruska

    Love Lindt Chocolates .

  • Tonia Koons

    A quiet cozy dinner at home.

  • Karen Green

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is with my honey and some chocolate.

  • Velvet Wilgus Herron

    going to celebrate our 19th anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Love the chocolate. Thanks for the chance to enter good luck everyone.

  • Janet Raistrick

    Chocolate and movies

  • Danielle Mclain

    I just look forward to extra hugs and kisses from my boys!!

  • Christine Dollar

    What is your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Go out to eat with my Husband of 39 Years. Rarely happens, so stay home and eat Chocolate is 2nd choice.

  • Amy Wyatt Petty

    Spending time with my husband doing whatever we feel.

  • Jessica

    A nice dinner with my family.

  • Sherrie

    a nice dinner and our fav tv shows !

  • Daisha Chase

    With the family! We always have a candle lit dinner with the kids, chocolate fondue and a family dance.

  • Lisa

    My hubby always cooks me an awesome dinner for Valentine’s Day!

  • Pam Brown McAulay

    With my hubby of 29 years!

  • Nancy

    A hike with my significant other that includes wine and chocolate.

  • Sarah Borrows

    We celebrate by spending time together.

  • Christina Osborn

    At home watching a movie and eating Lindt Chocolates with my family.

  • Betsy Riddle

    Hanging out with my awesome family

  • Amber

    Something simple that always involves chocolate!

  • Amanda Tempel

    I enjoy going out and enjoying a nice meal out with my fiancee, or even spending time cooking a dinner together, at home. We change it up every year.

  • Laura Wear

    Love Your chocolate! Dinner and relaxing with family

  • Angela Smith

    dinner and a movie at home

  • Mary Boyles

    Dinner and a movie 50 shades of grey freed

  • Di

    A quiet evening at home is the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration

  • Diana Penn

    Home alone watching movies

  • Crystal Zweibelson

    im in love with your chocolate

  • Sandy Reis

    A nice dinner with my family and watch a good movie.We always get the kids a box of candy ,card and a necklace or earrings or something.Then a glass of wine with my husband while I enjoy my chocolates

  • shayelyn

    I usually cook a favorite meal followed by a favorite dessert. Too crowded to go out.

  • Juleyana Sunshine

    I always try to make it special for me and my three kids. I will make them a special dinner (sometimes meatloaf in the shape of a heart!) and get something personal for them. It’s a fun day for us. They especially love it because they know they always get chocolate with their gift!

  • Darlene Adams

    A nice quite dinner at home and some chocolate of course.

  • Phil Truman


  • Fred Holmes

    Special dinner, flowers & chocolates.

  • Lynda C

    It involves lots of good chocolate!

  • Amanda Merrell

    A dinner out with my husband

  • Megan Matzen

    My family spends the evening together and we exchange gifts.

  • Theresa Brooks

    Candy and reading

  • Jessica Miller

    Dinner and a movie <3

  • Maria Carlin

    I love to spend it with my husband either if it’s at home or just a simple dinner and a movie.

  • bpartoens

    A homemade dinner and an evening walk.

  • C Houde

    So creamy and smooth………love Lindt truffles! I don’t have any special plans for Valentine’s Day, as I have no family near where I live. I do, however, enjoy some cookies that my aunt makes and sends to me.

  • Linda

    Candy and Valentine’s day!

  • Rachel Lee

    I have to work usually, but I love just spending a romantic night with my husband <3

  • Diana

    I take my hubby to get a facial, then dinner.

  • jessica z

    I love giving and receiving dark chocolate!

  • Nancy

    Dinner and chocolates.

  • Jennifer A Rose

    A nice dinner with my husband and furrbabies!

  • Lucille L. Gangidine

    With a bunch of Gal friends.

  • Laura Seeley

    Best way to celebrate id’s by having dinner with my Valentine, and eating Lindt truffles for dessert!

  • Jean Hoffman

    My favorite way is for my husband and I to get to go out and eat a special dinner for two then come up e and enjoy a couple of Lindor’s chocolate! We absolutely love them!

  • Sharon Ramsamooj

    We go to dinner and have some dessert. We exchange cards and get flowers also.

  • Rhonda Salkeld Foster

    Prime rib dinner and a nice drive a long the shore line!

  • Denise Parker

    A great dinner at home and a movie to relax to! And a steady supply of Lindt Chocolate!

  • Karen Bugni

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE COCONUT AND CITRUS VARITIES….Along with the European Specialty type which has cake in the center…I found these at the Lindor store located in The Mall of America!!

  • Michelle Balvin

    A wonderful home made meal with my family


    I always buy my 3 sons candy, and the best is Lindor Chocolates

  • Aunt B

    Dinner with my husband

  • Melissa Englebright

    Dinner out with my smexy lovey dovey stud Muffin hubby LOL <3

  • idahomom

    Family game night makes a great way to celebrate with the whole family.

  • Alluring Ali

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with chocolate, sushi, and wine with my husband!

  • Maria

    Spending time with my honey, usually this is a very busy time at work and he does not get any days off for a couple of weeks so I will take whatever time I can with him <3

  • Dana Cross Morin

    I enjoy spending Valentine’s Day going out to dinner with my my husband and then we usually go see a movie, don’t know that its romantic but its our night!!

  • denise

    At home enjoying time with the family

  • jenni104

    A good movie at home with the family. I bake something special for the family but other than that we don’t actually celebrate it.

  • emanuel addison

    Dinner and a movie

  • lisa

    Nothing better than Lindt with my Valentines! Dinner at home…so much better than crowded restaurants.


    Home cooked dinner and then just talking to each other.

  • Briellez16

    my favorite way to celebrate valentines day would be inside having a nice homemade dinner with a movie ( its to cold to go to the beach or anywhere outside )

  • susitravl

    Steak dinner with chocolate souffle for dessert.

  • Ang

    Anywhere, anything with my husband

  • Colleen Borman

    I enjoy making chocolate candy and handing them out to people! That’s if I don’t eat them all first!

  • Mae Durkee

    Enjoying chocolate!

  • Jan Allen


  • Lois Welsh

    Valentines Day is also my sisters Birthday so we will be celebrating both-I get her a Birthday and Valentines Gift, make her a heart shaped cake and we watch her favorite movies.

  • Jon Scott

    My favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day is hanging out at the beach with my sweetie.

  • Bonnie Hurlbrink

    lots of chocolate!

  • Crystal Jackson

    Love spending Valentine’s day with my husband and kids.

  • Tristian Hayton

    Dinner with my husband and my three beautiful little girls.

  • idahodad7

    Family game night makes for a great way to spend Valentine’s day with the whole family.

  • Leslie Passman

    Admiring and smelling the flowers and eating the chocolate from my valentine!

  • Sally John

    It’s a weekday with kiddos .. we prefer going for dinner with them where there won’t be many young couples .. no distractions for the young kids.

  • Patti Roper

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to cook a nice steak dinner & then watch a romantic comedy with my sweetie – curled up on the couch, of course.

  • AR

    Just eating lots of candies :P

  • Costana Hornbaker

    Simple is best

  • Billie Young

    Spend the day with my man. He is what makes my heart sing. Chocolate is not bad either.

  • A real nice dinner and lots of chocolate for dessert!!!

  • Dawn Swingle

    We celebrate by going out for a romantic dinner.

  • Cherie Durbin

    Eating chocolate is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day!

  • cahjax1

    Making homemade chicken parmagiana with my Hubby

  • purplepassion126

    Nowadays we like to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with a special meal and dessert and exchange small expressions of love like cards, crafts and candies.

  • Eva Levi Key

    Dinner and dancing with my valentine! :)

  • Mellionie Rogers

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with my family, on the beach.

  • Lisa B

    Dinner and Dessert with the Hubby! PS LOVE your Milk Chocolate and your White Chocolate with coconut!!

  • Samantha Polski

    My husband and I love to cook a fancy dinner together!❤️

  • Elizabeth Sul-Celline

    I love a nice dinner, good bottle of wine, and a romantic movie

  • Barbara Dorsey

    Lobster dinner with some chocolate later….

  • Sam Dorne

    I just like to decorate the table and make a special meal for my family

  • Lisa FortyNiners Mccloud

    Omg the above recipe looks so good

  • Carole Harris

    with my hubby

  • Darice Gamache

    I have a bag in my desk to give to the “good” patients.

  • Rebecca Brewer

    My fave is to spend the time with my kids doing whatever they love.

  • Heather Drew

    Love their chocolate

  • Bobbiejo m Patten

    with my sweetheart this year and every year my daughter Olivia

  • Pamela Thompson

    My Favorite

  • Emma Leport

    Wow what a awesome thing for valentines day.

  • Maribel Cruz

    I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner with the family at home.

  • Samantha Hanna

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentines day is to stay in and watch movies and have a nice dinner.

  • Teresa

    Quiet night at home with my husband for a candlelight dinner and dancing.

  • Dawn Holtgreive

    With Lindt chocolates of course! And Chocolate Cake, chocolate pancakes, chocolate milk….

  • Kimmy Moore

    I love to fix my man a lovely quiet dinner at home.

  • Donna C.

    A quiet evening with my husband

  • Brandi Davis Bryant

    I love to give Lindt truffles, fruit and dips, and a homemade dessert. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Red

    A nice home-cooked meal at home

  • Diana C

    Different every year, but not sure what we will do this year. it falls on a Wednesday after all. Would love some chocolate. I need it year round. :D

  • Heather Omara

    I am helping with a bridal shower and i am going to do the place settings on this post! They are perfect!

  • Heather Omara

    Now to answer the question… i love to spend it at home snuggled up on the couch with take out! With our kids spending it with us!

  • Kelli Manly Houts

    We usually celebrate by staying at home away from the crowds.

  • Karen Wood

    A meal that I don’t have to cook and a box or bag of Lindt Truffles is enough to make me feel special.

  • Tmichelle Day

    Movie candy and snuggles❤

  • Dawn Carter

    My daughter and I love your chocolates I would love to share them with her.

  • Cheri A. Moore

    Spending time with my hubby of 39 years, the love of my life, and of course enjoying Lindt Chocolate!

  • Amanda Contento

    With my husband and kids. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have money to go out, we’ll make a delicious dinner. We watch movies and have family game night.

  • ♥angie♥.

    some good topics and love chocolate

  • Angie Ridenour Hinton

    Eating a nice dinner out so I don’t have to cook. Maybe a good movie.Then knowing I have a whole bag of these truffles to myself. Best night ever.

  • Autumn Dansby

    Love to celebrate with my kiddos doing crafts and eating chocolate!

  • Elizabeth Davis-Hannon

    Good chocolate like this shows you care..An early dinner out and Lindt ‘s to munch on as you watch a movie cuddled with your hubby..

  • Tammy Liscio

    Dinner withwmy husband and six kiddos.

  • Sarah Walley

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentines is dinner out and a movie at home!

  • Skittles

    Cliche, simple romantic dinner with the hubs lol. Hard to get out these days so it’s super special to us.

  • Jennifer Drake

    I love doing take out and a movie, just staying in and relaxing

  • Sumaira Khan

    Family dinner at home :)

  • montjan

    I love Lindt Truffles. i use them often it baking and as a dessert option..usually have a few in a pocket or my purse ..just in case! lol

  • Ricky Barnes

    Love me some white chocolate.

  • mandy atchinson

    Have a nice dinner at home and rent a movie

  • Linda Johnson

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with my hubby doing anything !

  • Tammy Liscio

    Dinner with my husband and six kids

  • cbroper

    We just stay home…

  • Cheryl Ann Burns

    Chocolate Heaven LOL

  • Tamey Gavel

    We usually stay home cant afford to go out but its all about being together so <3

  • Nikole B.

    My daughter asked me just the other night what my favorite holiday is and I settled on Valentine’s Day because it’s a celebration of love/life/God, to me, which makes it not MUCH different from any other day (to me!), except in that there’s slightly more recognition of love – As a single mom living in poverty, traditionally, our way of celebrating has been to buy and happily eat an on-sale cookie cake the next day, which is also my son’s birthday :)

  • LauraB

    My family (and myself) would be so excited to win this

  • sonia

    I always make a fancier than normal dinner with dessert.

  • Feralpaw

    Just doing whatever the wife wants, heh.

  • Riane Jirak

    The brownies look amazing! I love cooking at home on Valentines day : )

  • Karyn

    Love these tips, ty!

  • karyn k

    Dinner and a movie with my two little minions they are the best valentines dates ever

  • Amanda Clark Brass

    As long as I am with my family, that is all that matters.

  • Sherazad Kurwa

    Either stay in a cook a fabulous meal and watch movies or go out for a meal and to the cinema. Thank you!

  • Mary Robling Meadows

    Dinner out & a Movie & Candlelight evening at home.

  • Gita Prasad

    with my family. My daughters love V-Day. we always bake or buy a heart shaped cake and cook heart shaped pasta. The girls enjoy “pink” milk.

  • Kayla Doan

    Out to eat and a movie or just getting each other something small.

  • mrspoofa

    Candle light dinner at home with the kids. They get a kick out of it.

  • Tracey Jean Garland

    I am a sucker for a yummy dinner for Valentine’s day. It is made that much better if there is yummy dessert, chocolate, and maybe some vine. I also think there has to be lots of red and hearts everywhere!

  • Tammy Renea Anderson

    Nice dinner at home with husband and chocolate

  • Linda Douglas

    Roses+Lindt ! Cozy evening by the fireside !

  • Andrea Lutter

    We treat us to just some alone time at night, my husband usually gets me flowers and chocolates and also gets things for our 2 daughters also which I think is sweet!

  • linnzie

    We have a family valentines breakfast with the kids, then my fiance and I enjoy a night to ourselves! A movie, chocolate, and wine!

  • Kim Allman Nord

    The chocolate is so good.

  • Jessica Lodge

    I love it when my Hubby gets take out and we just chill at home. If he surprises me with chocolate that’s even better.

  • ClickClick

    Cooking out on our grill.

  • Just to be with the ones that I love! <3 And remember the ones who are shining down on us from heaven <3

  • Christy Barber Jacobs

    AMAZING! I’ll have to try the brownies.

  • Paula Gillespie

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by going out to dinner with my husband and daughter. Yes and our daughter. She is our angle and our love brought her into this world so we celebrate together. This Valentine’s Day a friend of mine is getting married so we are going to their wedding. Thanks for the chance! I love Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate.

  • Ronda Rudnick

    I love spending Valentine’s Day with my children and husband. We do not have to do anything special. it is just nice to spend time together.

  • debra dubois

    We send every Valentine home enjoying one another. Life is so busy it just nice to catch up and enjoy alone times together. Dinner, movie & magical fire love these times we share.

  • Carrie Maly

    Dinner at home

  • Joni Mason

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is the traditional way, with flowers and candy.

  • Kathryn Gainey

    We are having a couples dinner at church. then this weekend we will celebrate just the 2 of us.

  • Renee Lyn

    A simple dinner, whether it be burgers, wings or pasta. And, of course, some chocolate!! #LINDOR #Lindt #chocolate

  • Zachary Warren

    Cooking a homemade dinner just the two of us!

  • HTaylor

    A peaceful dinner at seaside watching the sunset and a walk on the beach! Simple pleasures and simple treasures like the Lindt Chocolates I so much love!

  • Meghan Kuddes

    Love this post! Super cute!

  • Kara Nelson

    Nice table setting!

  • Terri Lynne Michaud

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is to be with family. Have a special dinner, movie and of course, sweets!!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    I love to celebrate Valentines by cooking dinner for one another at home!

  • Jacqueline Patricia Ising

    on valentine’s day , i just let my family and friends know what they mean to me !!

  • Jessica Herndon

    Spending it with my family

  • Flint Gold

    My favorite way to spend valentines day is with A Year’s Supply of Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles but I’ve never tried it. Help me make that happen.

  • Amanda Lindsay Shearouse

    Dinner date :) !

  • 62

    Just relaxing with friends


  • Mary Beighley

    A nice resturant meal. Gifts and candy.

  • Sal Val

    staying in and cooking dinner, and watching a movie

  • Ginny

    Hubby and I always start off the day by making breakfast for each other. Then we exchange gifts. That night, we get dressed up and go out for a romantic dinner.

  • Allison Kinch

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with a delicious vegetarian meal followed by a yummy dessert featuring Lindt LINDOR milk chocolate truffles!

  • Susanna Austin

    Chinese food and Hulu!

  • Mary Golley

    My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s day is at home with my husband. Valentine’s day is also our 33rd wedding anniversary. We like to spend our day together just the two of us and celebrate our love and the life that we have share together. We are truly blessed.

  • Beverly Adreon

    We don’t celebrate Valentines Day. My hubby says it shouldn’t be on just one day, so he does little surprises for me year round.

  • Jennifer Scott

    Spending time with my boyfriend

  • JillianToo

    I love having a delicious, homemade dinner.

  • Andrea Dale

    My favorite way to spend Valentines is to stock up on all my favorite chocolate!

  • Nancy

    We usually avoid the crowds and stay home for a quiet dinner.

  • Julie Ann Cook

    This year since Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday, we will celebrate with the kids on Mardi Gras (today) , with heart shaped nutella pancakes.

  • LaDon Butler

    Nice dinner out

  • Ang Richards

    I love going to NYC and walking around then taking a carriage ride

  • Valerie Manke

    At home with my kids and yummy treats

  • Chrissy Nettekoven Spears

    Spending time with my husband – just playing games, eating a beautiful home-cooked meal, and relaxing!

  • Andrea Steele

    I just like to do something simple and nothing fancy. It doesn’t have to take spending a lot of money to make my Valentine’s Day special. I like just having quality time with my special Valentine and doing something that they are least expecting.

  • Christina Malessa

    Time with the family. I take off of work early to go to my school-aged kid’s school party and then spend the afternoon with the kids. Each of them gets a small gift from us.

  • Tasha Cain

    I like a nice family dinner to show everyone that I love them.

  • Erin

    I like to order delivery and watch a good movie.

  • Alexis Hudson

    Steak dinner with the family and chocolate raspberry brownies with white chocolate frosting

  • Latifa Morrisette

    A home cooked meal with family

  • Ay Moon

    Cake and presents since it’s my Boyfriend’s Birthday too!

  • Ada Miller

    I enjoy hanging out with my boys and giving them gifts and chocolates.

  • Emily Gorney

    I like to wait til the next day and get discounted chocolate!

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    Go out to dinner with hubby then home take hot bubble bath
    . Watch a movie and eat my Lindt candy my hubby got me.

  • Foofo

    mine is to take the kids and buy them something sweet and then making their favorite meal at home.

  • Alison Matalanis

    At home with my family!

  • Trisha Musgrave

    I love to make a good steak dinner at home. Then cuddling with my husband while watching a movie is perfect!

  • Mel C

    Yummy food and a nice activity together, like a game or movie!

  • mcraig49047

    we usually just have a nice dinner in, I make my husbands favorite dinner which is chicken Alfredo and share a nice bottle of wine

  • starzine

    I go out to dinner and to a movie.

  • Cindy Conner Bowling

    Dinner and a movie with my husband!

  • CandySmith

    Dinner and a movie at home

  • jessica datuin

    Oooh those chocolate ideas. I love lindt. Lindt is my favorite chocolate.

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