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DIY Truffle Bow

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DIY Truffle Bow

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration


Gift your loved ones with a sweet surprise! Adding a DIY LINDOR Truffle bow to any to any gift this holiday season is sure to make them smile.

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Happy Holidays!



  • Bow template (linked here)
  • 1 piece of gold 80 lb. cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • 1 LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffle


  1. Print bow pattern from this template.
  2. Trace and cut two of the pattern pieces from cardstock. Punch two holes in each piece according to the pattern.
  3. Twist the cellophane on each end of the LINDOR Truffle so it’s nice and tight.
  4. Without creasing the cardstock, lightly bend it into a loop so the two holes line up with each other.
  5. Carefully thread one end of the LINDOR Truffle’s cellophane through both holes. Repeat on the other side with the other piece of cardstock.
  6. Use your fingers to gently straighten out the bow.
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