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The Dark Side of Lindt

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The Dark Side of Lindt

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We invite you to experience the dark side of Lindt Chocolate. If you are an intense dark chocolate fan or enjoy experiencing something new, these dark chocolate items from Lindt are sure to satisfy!

Try both our smooth, melting LINDOR truffles and our classic, intense Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate bars to discover a new favorite.

LINDOR, dark chocolate, truffles

LINDOR Dark Assortment

Our newest LINDOR truffle assortment is what dark chocolate dreams are made of. Here you’ll find three of our darkest LINDOR flavors: Dark Chocolate, 60% Extra Dark Chocolate, and 70% Extra Dark Chocolate. So what makes these truffles different from each other?

DARK LINDOR. Wrapped in a deep blue wrapper, dark LINDOR truffles boast a 50% dark chocolate shell and delivers a sweet introductory experience to dark chocolate with harmonious notes of vanilla and mild cocoa.

LINDOR 60%. The next level of dark indulgence and is the most intense of the trio. The cocoa notes shine as the protagonist with just the right amount of bitterness at the finish. Wrapped in black and silver, this sophisticated truffle would make an elegant centerpiece or favor at any celebration.

LINDOR 70%. Elegantly wrapped in black and gold, is the ultimate experience for dark chocolate lovers. Warm notes of roasted nuts, cocoa, and vanilla unite to provide the perfect match for your “me moment”.

If you love entertaining as much as you love chocolate, be sure to check out this Dark Chocolate Themed Brunch from Pizzazzerie!

lindt, excellence, dark chocolate

Lindt EXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa

Lindt EXCELLENCE dark chocolate is known for being sophisticated, refined, thin and smooth, to envelop all of your senses. EXCELLENCE 95% dark chocolate is rich and velvety on the palate, revealing balanced notes of intense cocoa. Even though it’s on the higher end on the cocoa content scale, EXCELLENCE 95% is very approachable. Let a small piece melt on your tongue to taste its remarkable depth of flavor. What do you perceive? Roasted cocoa, espresso, toasted walnuts? Want more? Try it with a cup of coffee or your favorite red wine for the ultimate pairing experience.

Want a chance to try these dark chocolate creations for yourself? Fill out the Rafflecopter below!

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