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4 Sweet Ideas for a Cinco de Mayo Party

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4 Sweet Ideas for a Cinco de Mayo Party

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration

Taco station? Check. Bright decor? Check. Invitation for the world’s best guests? Check. All you have left on the Cinco de Mayo party planning list is finding a few perfect finishing touches to create an event your friends will remember for years to come. Whether you are looking for a new conversation piece, like a pinata full of LINDOR truffles, or a simple twist on a margarita recipe, you will surely find a ‘sweet addition’ to your party mix in the list below.

Hot Pepper Bacon Popcorn With a Chocolate Drizzle

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Photo Credit: How Sweet It Is

This recipe was created by the talented Jessica from How Sweet It Is, as introduction for the Lindt HELLO Sweet Popcorn bar. While it can be enjoyed any night, it is absolutely perfect as a snack for your Cinco de Mayo party! Don’t forget to stock up on Lindt HELLO Sweet Popcorn as well – your guess would love to try this ingredients on its own as well.

LINDOR Margarita 

margarita lindor, lindor cocktail, margarita chocolate
Photo Credit: Among the Young

While any LINDOR truffle could go well with a cocktail, LINDOR citrus would be the best pairing for a margarita. Serve on the side or pop it in on a toothpick, for an added touch of cream-y texture, and of course, sweet citrus flavor. Also delicious in the mocktail version!

Fill Your Pinata With LINDOR truffles

lindor truffle, lindor truffle flavors, lindor truffle colors

With their bright wrappers and a delicious smooth melting center, LINDOR truffles make the perfect pinata fillers! Another blindfold challenge? Guessing the color of the wrapper by tasting the truffle. Find your guide to LINDOR truffle flavors here.

Spice It Up With EXCELLENCE Chili 

excellence chili, chili chocolate, excellence 5 de mayo, excellence cinco de mayo, spicy chocolate

When all your need is a little sweet and spicy combo, Lindt EXCELLENCE Chili bar is your best friend. Serve it on its own, or pair with Pinot Noir (J.Lohr Estates Falcon’s Perch is our favorite). Served together they will create a spicy warmth sure to burst your palate!

What sweet and spicy ideas do you have for the
perfect Cinco de Mayo party?

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