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Holiday Lindtspiration: DIY Christmas Cone Ornament

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Holiday Lindtspiration: DIY Christmas Cone Ornament

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration

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Decorating the Christmas Tree is a timeless holiday tradition. Whether you opt for a Charlie Brown type, or a giant 12-footer, there’s something magical about the glow of the twinkle lights, the presents that fit snugly underneath and the ornaments that pull the whole look together. This year, include these DIY Christmas Cone Ornaments; creating them will be a fun project the whole family can enjoy!

PRO TIP: Build cones in multiple sizes for visual interest. Fill the bottom of larger cones with tissue or cotton balls so they aren’t too heavy!



  1. Choose the base color of the cone and trace the shape of the template from Cut out the form of the bag and glue the long sides together. Make sure the tip of the cone comes together at a point.
  2. With the single hole punch, create two holes on opposite ends of the upper edge of the cone for suspension.
  3. Use scissors to cut notches about give millimeters deep and a millimeters apart across the top of the cone to create a decorative fringe.
  4. Cut a narrow strip of construction paper for the handle. Secure it with a round head brass fastener through the hotels made in Step 2.
  5. Cut out any shape from the different colored paper and glue them to the cone for an extra fun design.
  6. Fill the cone with Lindt delicacies.


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