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5 Ideas for Quality Time on Mother’s Day

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5 Ideas for Quality Time on Mother’s Day

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration

Every mother knows that life’s most precious gifts don’t come in a box with a neat bow on top. So this year, as you are the trying to solve the impossible puzzle of the perfect Mother’s Day present, remember that all mom really wants is to spend time with you. Here is a quick list to get you started on some ideas, as always, with a delicious chocolate twist. Feel free to share it with your mom and ask her to pick a favorite – or two.


Traditional Brunch with a Handmade Touch. This year, skip the Mother’s Day weekend crowd at the restaurant – and prepare a homemade meal instead. After all, you know much better than any chef, what your mom enjoys best. With a touch of DIY decor and a LINDOR truffle table-setting, you will easily create a memory to remember.

mother's day brunch, brunch, plate setting, lindor place setting
Photo Credit: Handmade Mood

Day Spa and Mani-Pedis. Sometimes, all we need is a little relaxation. Spend the day nurturing your skin, inhaling the healing smell of aromatherapy candles, getting a much-needed massage, and end it with a matching mani-pedis. Your mom gave up much of her pampering to raise you – and it’s time to give a bit of it back!

lindt spa, mothers day spa, lindor spa, lindor mothers day


Wine & Chocolate Tasting for Dinner. Whether you are a master cook or not much of a chef in the kitchen, you can treat your mom to a gourmet dinner that pleases everyone – a wine and chocolate tasting. Can’t decide which wines and chocolates to pick? Head over to the Lindt EXCELLENCE site – we have it all mapped for you.

wine and chocolate, wine and chocolate party, wine and chocolate pairing, lindt and jlohr, lindt wine pairing
Photo Credit: Climbing Grier Mountain

Visit a Lindt Chocolate Shop and Enjoy a LINDORmelt moment together. Did you know that Lindt Chocolate Shops offer free samples every day and carry LINDOR flavors you have never tried before? Treat your Mom to a pick and mix experience, and top off your night with one of our chocolate drinks!


lindt pick and mix, pick and mix, lindor, lindor pick and mix

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

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