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3 Ways to Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day (+ Giveaway)

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3 Ways to Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day (+ Giveaway)

Posted by Lindt ChocolateInspiration

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This Valentine’s Day, treat the ones you love to Lindt Chocolate. With a vast variety to choose from, LINDOR truffles, including Limited Edition LINDOR Strawberries and Cream truffles, are the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. Gift them to family members, friends, and don’t forget to save a few for a very important person: you!

For all of the inspiration, ideas, and recipes you’ll need to make Valentine’s Day a hit, download our Love. Every. One. Valentine’s Day Inspiration Magazine!


dessert, Valentine's Day, ice cream, influencer, homemade, LINDOR, strawberries, chocolate
Image by Climbing Grier Mountain

No Valentine’s Day dinner is complete without something sweet. For a dessert that is an extra special show-stopper, Climbing Grier Mountain shows you how to create homemade ice cream sandwiches stuffed with LINDOR Strawberries and Cream Truffles


Image from Oh Happy Day
Image from Oh Happy Day

These DIY Confetti Poppers s are easy to make and will bring joy to any kid or kid-at-heart. Customize them with personalized love notes and gift them with a lovely card or box of chocolate for a wow-worthy surprise. Jordan from Oh Happy Day has a step-by-step guide in our digital magazine!


table setting, valentine's day, LINDOR, truffles, influencer
Image by Pizzazzerie

Your Valentine’s Day celebration needs pizzazz and that’s exactly what Courtney from Pizzazzerie has with this bright and whimsical tablescape. Whether your setting your dinner for two or twelve, all guests will feel right at home cozying up to this table.

Celebrate with your girlfriends in style with the “Ultimate Galentine’s Day” kit! Enter for a chance to win using the Rafflecopter below.

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  • All of my best girlfriends love LINDOR truffles – they would be so excited for all of these ideas. Thank you for the awesome magazine!

  • Ashly Cupit

    I LOVE Lindor truffles, which means they probably wouldn’t last long enough for me to share them with anyone.

  • Brett Stouffer

    I would share with my friends because Lindt chocolate is simply the best

  • pam

    I love these truffles

  • Carol S

    I would share because everyone knows how delicious Lindor truffles are!

  • Kathleen D’Amour

    I would love to win to share with my amazing friends because they all deserve a sweet treat like Lindor Truffles!

  • Daniela Cirillo

    Because I love Lindt truffles and is a romantic chocolates !!! and all my girlfriends love too for this Special day!!

  • Carolyn Ward Miller

    Share? Do I have to? Lindor Truffles are the best!

  • CW

    taste better to enjoy together

  • Mathew Katz

    I would want to share Lindor with my girlfriend because I really love them and her!! But I am truthfully hoping to eat my share of my gift to her!!

  • Brenda

    I always share the love….

  • Jennifer Muise

    Because chocolate is even better when shared with wonderful friends!

  • Barbara Tovar

    I always share the best of everything with my girlfriends, and Lindor Truffles are the best way to begin or end a get together!

  • Christie

    My girlfriends and I love to talk and eat chocolate together

  • Annmarie Weeks

    Most of my girlfriends are also moms. They all deserve chocolate to help them get through their busy days!

  • I’d share with my girlfriends because we all need a little chocolate in our lives.

  • Tina Hatchell

    my husband

  • Melisa Moser

    chocolate and friends what’s not great about that

  • Jacqueline Kahler

    Because it’s a great way to celebrate with the closest friends I have.

  • pete

    do i have a choice. no

  • Paul Klumbach

    My girlfriend gets these for me-but i do share them with her

  • Sarah Bosen

    I’d share because it’d be too much chocolate for just me (but is there really such a thing as too much Lindt chocolate!?!).

  • Whitney

    I might not share with my girlfriends, but I’d share with my unborn baby!

  • Ann Myers

    Unfortunately at my age there can be “too much of a good thing”! But I love to share and this would be the perfect opportunity.

  • Paul Klumbach

    never “too much” :)

  • Linda Edge Hudson

    I would share Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles, if there were enough, because as a nurse I know that chocolate has very therapeutic properties. In addition, because it comes from a bean it could be considered both vegetarian and part of a salad, therefore healthy for my besties!

  • MarthaC

    Would share of course because “sharing is caring”.

  • Genny Sanderson

    I’d would love to share Lindt’s deliciousness with all those I love.

  • Catherine D

    I’d share with my family!

  • TaylorandJacobsmom


  • cathariner

    I would share with my family because I know how very delicious Lindt Chocolate is.

  • Laura Weiss

    I’m a MAJOR Chocoholic…gotta have my chocolate especially on Valentine’s Day and my Mom and Sister-in-law are in the same club as me :)! LOVE LOVE LOVE Lindt Chocolates!!!

  • Jessica Berry

    Because after how this year has started out we all need a treat!

  • Kathy M

    I would share with my loved one, my hubby of 32 years because everything is always better when you have your best friend to share a wonderful experience with.

  • Kellie

    I’d share because Lindt chocolate is the best and the ones I love are the best too!

  • Linda Bragg

    I want to share because I love them.

  • Michelle Gorbatjuk

    I’d share because if someone is going to do something nice for me it would be nice for me to do something in return.

  • CHIRT143

    Because LINDOR is delicious and indulgent!

  • PirmasensVet

    I would share because it is the right thing to do with all of that delicious chocolate :)

  • Amy Bradsher

    Because it’s super wonderful chocolate. :-)

  • 1Jamie

    I’d share because I want them to have the same joy as I have, biting into Lindt Chocolates! Food always tastes better when you share with people you care about!

  • Christina Peters

    I would want to share Lindor with my loved ones because it will brighten their day and put a smile on their faces. I love to cook, it’s gratifying when I can cook a healthy meal and make my family happy.

  • Nikki McComas

    I would share because Lindt is such a good chocolate! Different flavors to suit everyone. It’s fun to share the things you enjoy!

  • Surbhi Kasbaum

    Sharing with my young kiddos would sweeten my Valentine’s day!

  • Shar

    I would want to share Lindor chocolate because CHOCOLATE is a great way to show your love. And there is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend who comes bearing chocolate!!

  • bitterdragon

    I’d share because they are simply the best chocolates ever and who wouldn’t LOVE to receive Lindt chocolates for Valentine’s Day…or any day for that matter!!?!

  • Jessie Morrow

    My husband loves Lindt chocolate, and my son has grown up spoiled by your quality, so he no longer will eat cheap imitations

  • John Barrett

    As a hubby never buying quite the right gift, Lindt is a very safe choice since I know she loves Lindt chocolate.

  • likewhoaa_emmy

    I’d share because I know my loved ones love Lindt!

  • Jeanne Rousseau

    I would share with my husband and my mother, they are both huge chocolate lovers!

  • Paula Rousseau

    I would stash them away for me,my hubby not a big chocolate eater

  • Heather Brown

    I would share with my best friend of 25 years, Shawn! He’s adores Lindt Chocolates!

  • Kelly

    I would want to share the chocolate because it’s no fun to eat chocolate alone when you can enjoy it with other people and good conversation.

  • Karen Shaughnessy

    I would share with my adult daughters. We all enjoy bonding over Lindt chocolate!

  • Stacie H

    I would share with my husband and children. :)

  • Patti Wilder

    Would share with the all beautiful chocolate

  • J. Fure

    Because Lindt chocolate is the BEST.

  • Pam Flynn

    My love for my sweet family can only be compared to my love for Lindt Chocolate and when the two are intertwined our world is just a better place.

  • T.J.Spilmon

    I share so that they don’t miss the sweeter, more decadent things in life.

  • Debbie McNair

    Who doesn’t love these chocolates? All my friends do! It’s always nice to share, so I would. <3

  • Jennifer Chronister

    I’d share with my husband because he’s my love, my life and my strength. He deserves it.

  • Ellen B

    Lindt is the best – I love to share – wish I had some chocolate right now

  • Reese

    Because it’s not love if it’s not shared…besides, goodness that delicious should not be kept a secret.

  • sara

    Because it’s yummy chocolate

  • Chris Curtis

    I’d share with my family, even though it would be difficult to give up the chocolate!

  • Mayla M

    I’d share with my husband because I love him!

  • Sarah W

    I would share with my mom because we both live Lindt chocolate!

  • fragglerock61

    Who shares chocolate? Really?

  • Laurie

    I’d share with my family!!!

  • I’d love to share Lindor Truffles with my loved ones for Valentine’s Day because they are so luscious that they make any day more special!

  • Dawn

    I’d share because Lindor is the best chocolate and great things are always meant to be shared!

  • Kathy Watson

    I would likely reluctantly share but I know I should not eat it all myself. I’ll share any non dark chocolates with my sweetie. I will hide all dark chocolates and chocolates with mint from everyone. Never enough chocolate in my house. Trying to behave so I buy a couple of the green wrapped individual chocolate with mint Lindor balls.
    Hard to stop with just two, love that soft liquid mint in the middle. Mint and chocolate just goes together. Need peppermint dark chocolate balls.

  • Christy Li

    I would love to share premium chocolate with my loved ones because they deserve the best :)

  • lisa mcfarland

    because it is so creamy and delicious I would get sick if I ate it all

  • wmjindsm

    I love sharing treats with everyone I know. It’s fun for all to enjoy and keeps me from eating the whole thing!

  • Margaret

    Because I love my husband so much, I want him to have the best sweet chocolate treats! He craves the Milk Chocolate Truffles!

  • Margaret Pope-Rainey

    Everyone could pick out one…but that’s the extent of my sharing!

  • Debbie

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Lindt’s Chocolates would be a delicious treat…I’ll share!

  • Cheryl Burgess

    Because they love Lindt chocolates as much as I do!

  • krysttie

    I would share because we all love chocolates so much…. why not give them the best!!!

  • Andrea H

    Of course I would share, because Lindt chocolate is the favorite of all my friends and family.

  • M Williams

    I want to share my Lindt with my loved ones (specifically with my daughter who is away at college) because it’s always nice to know someone is thinking about you and wants to cheer you up. I am totally going to make her some poppers, those are so cute! Thanks for the idea!

  • mousefreek

    I would like to share Lindt chocolate with my husband, because many guys enjoy chocolate too!

  • JillianToo

    I’d love to share LINDOR with my loved ones because it is as sweet as they are.

  • Tee Trimble

    I would like to share it with my hubby because we’re still flip-flopping between Lindt and Godiva. Godiva has a boutique close to us — come on, Lindt – expand into our area!

  • Sheryl Gowen

    I want to show my love for family and friends by sharing the best chocolate, Lindt.

  • Ginny Craft

    I would love to share with my family and loved ones since all of them love Lindt chocolates.

  • Hannah Pelzel

    I’d share because my friends have been there helping me plan the most wonderful wedding possible! They have been so helpful and we have all reached so many milestones this past year, a Galentines celebration with lots of Lindt chocolate is just what we need! Chocolate goes perfect with girl talk, crazy face masks, and good wine!!

  • Travis Johnson

    I would love to share Lindt with friends and family, but it is delicious Lindt so I might have to decide who is Lindt worthy

  • Michelle

    I’d want to share because delicious treats are even better when enjoyed with loved ones. <3

  • Wendy Johnson

    I would share with my family and make it a new holiday, Lindt Day!!

  • AngelaL

    I would love to share with my kiddos!

  • Mary

    I would share because that’s just what we do. Depending what’s in the gift, we may bake some goodies with some of it, or just nosh while watching movies :)

  • Stella

    I only share my chocolate with,my loved ones.

  • Debby

    I would share with my husband because he always shares with me.

  • Vivian

    Sharing with my loved ones because we all love Lindt’s chocolates!

  • cris

    Would love to share with my husband because he enjoys lindt chocolates

  • Vicki Haight

    Because they’re so incredibly good! My whole family adores your truffles. (Can’t wait for the strawberries and cream.)

  • Dena Hendricks

    I’d share my LINDOR Lindt Chocolate with my husband because we share everything. He makes everything better, even chocolate!

  • Patricia S

    Aww, shucks!! Do I REALLY have to share my Lindt??? lol

  • Emilia Olivo

    I’d share my chocolates because I love getting other people hooked on Lindt! ;)

  • Emily Gorney

    I’d want to share with loved ones because sharing is caring and Lindt chocolate makes people happy!

  • Dfalln1

    because who doesn’t love lindt? It makes my day brighter!

  • Tina Mercado

    share with my husband

  • Sand you

    share with my son and wife

  • kim barnes

    Would love to share with my family because they deserve the best

  • Stephanie Kennedy

    I share because Lindt is so deliciously scrummy!

  • Caroline Wainwright

    I’d share with my two awesome sons :-)

  • Rachel Wright

    I want to share Lindt chocolate with my hubby because like me he loves Lindt to start with and chocolate is a great treat to share with your loved one.

  • Donna

    I would share with my neighbor, Bonnie. I’m not sure she’s in my league as a chocoholic, but she’s close. We both LOVE Lindor chocolates.

  • S. Smith

    Because I want them to enjoy the moment of sharing good chocolate. Share and the joy grows and then they share, and soon I have a circle of Lindt chocolate friends.

  • Lisa Keys

    Sharing is caring

  • Sherry Brown

    I share with my loved one because we share everything.


    I would share with my husband because I love them both

  • Cindy Shelley

    It’s alway nice to share, especially chocolate.

  • faith m

    share with my husband and kids

  • Sarah Weiss

    I would want to share LINDOR with my loved ones on Valentine’s Day because it is my favorite chocolate and who else would I want to share something so delicious with???

  • Sara Russell

    such a fun recipe idea!

  • Lisa C

    Love the ideas. The strawberries and cream are a new favorite of mine! I have been buying the few bags I can find to save them for after Valentine’s day!

  • Maria B

    I love to share Lindt chocolate especially the truffles and bars. They are really good chocolates that everyone loves.

  • D.

    I’d share because I am grateful for my loved ones and would like to do something nice for them for all they do for me.

  • Christine Labelle

    Every year we go to the Lindt store to stock up in truffles. He loves them as much as I do. We were told though that our favorite will no longer be available though… we love peanut butter!

  • Kaitlin Smith

    I would share it with my girlfriends for “galentines” day

  • Brianna Gibson McCoy

    Because it’s the best chocolate out there? Everyone loves Lindt!

  • Julie Patel

    I would share the chocolate with my mom since she’s awesome and is a great woman so, we’d just celebrate love and Lindt chocolate together! After all, life’s too short to not eat awesome Lindt chocolate!

  • teriincali

    Tastes great

  • serenityblizz

    I’d share because they love great chocolate too!

  • John Hannah Burnside

    I’d share Lindt chocolate because it’s delicious chocolate!

  • GramMary

    It would be fun to get some friends together to share because chocolate is so much better when shared. Besides it is too much for one person. I have friends that don’t have valentines.

  • Buckarooblues

    I have to share? = )

  • Allison

    Lindor Chocolates are delicious. The truffles are my hubby’s favorite, so I definitely want to share them with him on Valentine’s Day.

  • Amy Cooley

    I would love to share Lindor Chocolates with my family and friends because the quality and taste is amazing! I only share what I love also!

  • Dolores Miranda

    Lindor is just the best of the best!My Husband loves it just as much as I do so I would have no choice but to share lol!

  • sarah oswald

    I love LINDOR but I would feel bad if I didnt share with my family since they love it too. Plus I would get fat if I ate it all myself.

  • Jeff Geer

    i would love to win..also would like a girlfriend and a job…but a job first

  • Jeff Geer
  • fatblackvirgin

    I love lindt choc omg!

  • Rhonda Miotke

    It is the best chocolate!

  • Jennifer W

    I want to share as I enjoy seeing their faces light up when they eat a yummy treat.

  • kay

    I’d share because my grandkids would want me to!

  • MnLady

    I’d share because they love great chocolate too!

  • disqus_FHx2g17K6U

    Share, of course. There’s nothing quite like a group of Lindt Chocolate happy folks enjoying their favorites and a laugh.

  • Patricia X Murphy

    Lindt is delicious.

  • Shelia Gamel

    Mmmmm Scrumptious

  • Lisa Henley

    I’d share because if I didn’t he’d find them anyways =). If I ever thought I was a chocolate hound…my hubby takes the “chocolate”! LITERALLY

  • Mary Alston Capps

    I’d share because my sweetie works very hard and appreciates every sweet thing that I do for him!

  • Michelle S

    I would enjoy sharing this fabulous Galentine’s prize with my loved ones because why not spread love and happiness to those who mean the most to me! Plus everyone deserves some Lindt chocolate in their life whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not!

  • Darlene Parker

    I received a mixed bag of 75 Lindt Truffles for Christmas. I treasure them. I have shared them with the giver, my husband, Lewis.

  • Stephanie Keller

    I would want to share it because Lindt is my favorite chocolate and I love sharing my favorite things with the one I love

  • Kim K

    I would share Lindor with everyone because they love them too.

  • phyloyd

    I was thrilled when my daughter-in-law sent me Lindt chocolate.

  • Stephanie Scales Campbell

    I would want to share Lindor with my family because its yummy quality chocolate that should be shared with the ones you love!

  • Sandy Breitzmann

    Chocolate is the answer……no matter what the question. Happy Galentine’s Day!

  • Terry

    I would share because my wife loves these. Her favorite is the white chocolate. Would love to win!

  • RustysR

    I love LINDOR and I love my friends and family, so naturally they should get together on Valentine’s Day.

  • sarahhirsch

    I’d love to share some Lindor with my family because they’re sweet and we all love chocolate!

  • Kandis Milonoff

    I’d love to share the Lindor “Ultimate Galentine’s Day” Kit, because Lindt Chocolates and Truffles are the ultimate, decadent treat, perfect for a Girl’s Night in!

  • Sandra Crispo

    LOVE TO WIN!! Have to share, all my family loves Lindt (but they know not to touch the Dark Chocolate, lol mine), thanks for opportunity!!

  • Ange!


  • Shannon

    I want to share with my loved one because they are so delicous & are the best quality! They deserve the best because they are the best to me in my world!

  • Joanna Peterson

    I’d share because they are the creamiest chocolate!

  • AmberR

    I would share because everyone deserves a chance to taste the BEST chocolate! Plus, it releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!! ❤

  • Brian Lee

    Lindt is the best chocolate I’ve ever tried!

  • Cassaundra Bass

    Because Lindt is the best chocolate out there

  • Damica Mitchell Jackson

    I would share because I always share with my hunny bunnies.

  • Debbie Warila

    I would share my Lindor with my loved ones because Lindt chocolates are the very best!

  • simplydab

    I’d share because chocolate just seems to taste better with friends. ;)

  • omahablack

    Share an assortment and see which flavor is everyone’s favorite.

  • Feralpaw

    Share it because is delicious!

  • Maria Adamfi

    My favorite chocolate to gift. Super creamy and melts in your mouth. Very dangerous to have around the house as they are very easily over consumed. =)

  • Carly Williams

    I’d share because it is so delicious!

  • dawno33

    I love those Strawberry Truffles! It is hard to share them, but I do (with my daughter)

  • combatoven

    Because chocolate, particularly Lindor chocolate, is *amazing* and what better way to share the love than with things you love? :D

  • Meshelly Menatac George

    I would share my Lindt chocolates with the one I love, because I love chocolate, and I love him. <3

  • Josephine Evatt

    So many good ideas.

  • Maribeth Murawski

    I would love to share because they are delicious!

  • Kimberly Alumbaugh

    I share Lindt Chocolates with my loved ones because they are delicious and should be shared with the world

  • Alexa E

    I’d share my Lindt chocolate because in my family we share no matter how much or little we have. Caring is sharing ❤️

  • Amy

    I don’t really want to share because I LOVE Lindt Chocolates
    :) but I would with the hubby, just because,… well.. he’s always by my side so I couldn’t really hide it.

  • Joanna

    I would share it with my husband of 54 years because he is my true love and we both love your chocolates! <3

  • Kimberly D

    I would do it simply because love them, and what better way to show them than to share something delicious and chocolatey with them.

  • annie

    I’d love to share this wonderful prize of chocolate with my husband, he’s wonderful and Lindt is both our absolute favorite chocolate.

  • Jennifer ValentineCagle

    I always share Lindor with my loved ones, it’s the best!

  • Tricia Martin

    I would share because I love them and Lindor Chocolates taste better when shared. <3

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    I would love to share Lindt with my family and my best Galentines, because we all know it’s the very best chocolate! LINDOR truffles just melt in your mouth!

  • Trinity Rosario

    I’d share with my sweetheart and my grandson! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kari Judd

    I would Love to Share LINDOR with my loved ones at Valentine’s Day because they are just as Sweet!

  • sarahb44

    Id share because every gal needs a little chocolate! Yum! :)

  • Paula Riccobono

    I’d share the chocolates with my parents because I’m always looking for ways to show them that I appreciate them.

  • Simon_Says_Win

    I’d share with my husband because he loves your chocolate too.

  • Pamela F

    I’d love to share Lindt Chocolate with my husband and kids because it’s such a special and delicious treat … and they love chocolate almost as much as I do! What fun it would be to be able to gift them with Lindt!

  • Patti Duff Brown

    I would love to share my Lindt chocolates because I love my husband.

  • Linda Morrison

    Because these chocolates are delish!!!!!

  • Lori C.

    I’d share with my valentine because he loves Lindt truffles on his birthday & every holiday most especially on Valentine’s day.

  • Gayle Peterson

    I’d share it with my honey because he has the kindest, most generous heart ever!

  • keltom2c

    because it’s something sweet just like him :)

  • bambi L.

    I would share due the goodness and quality of your chocolate and adds something special

  • Alyssa Holmes

    I’d want to share because it’s more fun than being greedy!

  • Jennifer

    The Limited Edition LINDOR Strawberries and Cream truffles are so good! #treatyourself

  • johack

    I’d share this with my grandkids and my husband. They would love me sooooo much!!!

  • Linda Cartwright

    Chocolate is the best way to share with your Valentine.

  • Lisa Lyerly

    I love these. I have them around all the time.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Id share with my loved one because he loves Lindt chocolate as much as I do

  • Debbie McNair

    I need chocolate. I’m not sure I can wait til Galentine’s Day.

  • Rose

    I’d share it with family

  • Karen Bartels

    I’d share with a special friend

  • Jennifer Essad

    we share a lot together, one of the best things is our love of chocolate, he dark and me milk and white chocolate. Chocolate has gotten thru good time and bad and even better thru all the lovely years we’ve been together

  • Tiffany Smith

    Lindt is my favorite chocolate truffle. My daughter (4) loves them too. I love that my favorite chocolate is also her favorite. We can share and have a mommy daughter treat.

  • Natalie U

    Because we both are chocoholics

  • Jean Etherton

    I would want to share so that I would not be the only one who loves Lindt Chocolates, especially the Dark Chocolate Truffles, my favorite.

  • Ashley Nichole Kirchner

    We both love Lindt chocolate, it is the best!

  • Teresa Organ

    I would share my LINDOR on any day not just Valentine’s Day!

  • Alexis

    I’d share my Lindor with hubby because he’s a sweetie! (and he only likes LINDOR chocolates)

  • Amanda Leonardi

    I’d share Lindt with my loved ones on Valentine’s Day – or any other day – because it’s the best chocolate around!

  • Michelle Ray

    I’d share because I share everything with my husband. Even if it is delicious Lindt Chocolate that I want all for myself!

  • Barb133

    I would love to share Lindt with my Valentine because hands down there is no better chocolate

  • CandieL

    Do I really have to share with the husband and kids. Does giving them one each count? Then they would feel special because mommy sacrificed for them

  • Kris Lyon Foushee

    oh Lindt!! How I love your Dark Chocolate/Sea Salt chocolate bars!!! I would love to win this <3 and share my Lindt love with my loves

  • Amy

    I would share only if it was a flavor I didn’t like, the rest are for me!

  • Connie Kline Fischer

    I would love to share Lindt Chocolate with my “favorite” husband of 50 years. He and I only care for really good chocolate that tastes like a true Belgium chocolate that we used to buy in Brussels. That, of course, is Lindt!

  • Dianna Brantner

    Your chocolate is so wonderful you just have to share so everyone can enjoy ! I
    love to share Lindt Chocolate with my husband and kids because it’s such a special and delicious treat … and they love chocolate almost as much as I do! What fun it would be to be able to gift them with Lindt!

  • Michelle Schultz

    I would share because I love my hubby and I love chocolate, especially Lindt Chocolates!!

  • Danielle

    I not sure that I would share it. I am the chocolate lover way more than anyone else in my family. Or that might be because I hide it from everyone ;)

  • Verena Gawron

    I would share with my hubby because we both love chocolate a lot.

  • disqus_q7gzxoR0IL

    Sharing is an expression of love and chocolate makes it even better!

  • Vicki May

    What a sweet and delicious way to share Valentines Day, a scrumptious, delightful, chocolatey treat with all the ones I love! I love Lindt chocolate! Melts in your mouth, goodness!

  • Alana Mautone

    I would share chocolate with my love because chocolate is love, chocolate is life, and my husband of 42 years, to me, is both.

  • Janela Meacham

    I would love to share this with my friends and family!

  • catsteffen

    one for me, one for you….

  • joan carr

    Share with sisters

  • Janet Keyser

    To die for chocolates!

  • Ivy

    I’d share with my mom because we both love to have a little something sweet at the end of the day!

  • somnium

    I would share with my husband because we love Lindt chocolates

  • Lynn Sprague Shoberg

    Because it’s the BEST chocolate out there!

  • Amber Van Sweden

    My friend is going through a divorce. Not messy but she & her daughter are both single this Valentine’s Day. I’d take the whole gift package to share with them because Valentine’s day is about making those you love, smile. “Galentine’s Day” is a fun idea! I’ve never heard of it until recently & only here!

  • LeAnn

    I would share some with my hubby!

  • Angel

    The only reason why I would share my Lindt with
    him is because I wouldn’t want him to know that my sweet spot is also my weak spot!

  • Debra Rodriguez

    I would share with my daughter but she will probably be with her boyfriend, so I will probably sit and watch TV and eat by myself.

  • Virginia

    I would definitely share with my son!

  • Sandy Lapp

    I would share it because all good things are better when shared with my best friend, my husband.

  • Megan Fortner

    Because I share everything with my hubby :)

  • Donna M

    I’ll share with my Husband because he is the only person I know who loves chocolate as much as me!!

  • Andy-Kim Stahl

    Lindor Dark Chocolate & Mint Chocolates, are an experience I would want to share with anyone needing a little bit of pleasure in their day! So smooth & creamy! It’s like having a long over due vacation in my mouth! AHHHHH! :) “Like sharing little balls of Love”!!! <3

  • I want to share Lindor because it is so delicious and a special treat.

  • chowchillagal

    Sharing is good for the soul…

  • JoAn Godfrey

    we all LOVE chocolate!!!

  • Doris Marie

    I would share because chocolate is good for everyone.

  • Belinda Moore

    I love making those I love happy so sharing my chocolate with them lets them know they are my treasures. :)

  • coupcrazy

    It’s the decadent way to say I love them! :)
    Aka Brenda Haines

  • Maria

    Would love to win, but never have so hoping this time I am proved wrong.

  • Ma Ra

    Well, I really don’t WANT to but I love my bf so much that I just have to share it with him. But only him. No one else.

  • Mariza Says

    We all love Lindor truffles and what better way to show love than with chocolate!!

  • Katherine Oliveira

    I’d share because sharing the sweet gift of Lindor is the best gift!

  • Deb Cossette

    I would share so they can find out for themselves why I always request Lindt truffles on all my wish lists(birthday, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas,etc, etc,etc). Lindt truffles are the best

  • LindaHarold VonDeBur

    I wouldn’t want to share….but I will share with my hubby. He is my only Valentine, and he is so good to me. I am in an ankle cast for 4 weeks, and that takes me through the whole month of February. I am not allowed to bear weight because of the type of surgery I had. He’s doing the laundry, cleaning up after the kitties, helping me with bathing, how could I NOT share with him. He’s deserves it!!!

  • Jana Walker

    I would love to share some Lindt truffles with my sweetie for Valentines Day <3 because he is worth it.

  • BikQ

    I would share

  • Michelle McGovern

    I’d share with my daughter, who loves all things chocolate!

  • Linda Lamb

    If I am sharing my Lindt, that has to be a VERY special someone. I do share it but in very limited quantities.

  • Linda Lamb

    Never too much chocolate. You can always stretch it out over several days.


    I would share with my 95 year old dad because he loves sweets, especially Lindt chocolates!

  • Linda Lamb

    Correction: I would share with my dad who brought me a bag while I am confined for rehab.

  • Ruth

    love Lindt chocolate

  • kasie

    I am loving all of these Lindt ideas for sweetheart’s day!

  • vera hanson

    to show I care

  • Kristen

    …because they all love good chocolate!

  • Nicole

    Homemade ice cream sandwiches?!!! Those look delectable. I want to make them with mint chocolate ice cream.

  • edwinna ringgold

    Sharing is caring

  • Linda Beus

    Love the dark chocolate!

  • Kelly Warren

    because its a nice sweet way to show you care!!!

  • jennifer57

    I’d share because it’s the nice thing to do :)

  • Alice W

    I’d share because I know my best friends love chocolate as much as I do!!!! There’s nothing in the world like it!

  • bookloon

    I really love the richness of Lindt chocolate and I’d share with my family because I know they’d do the same.

  • manda

    Love the chocolate!

  • Linda

    because you make amazing chocolates!

  • Nona Currence

    I would share my Lindt’s chocolates because my Valentine deserves the best. Lindt’s chocolates is the finest chocolates.

  • Annamarie Voss

    My Husband has worked so hard this last year to take care of his family he deserves some Lindt chocolate.

  • Carol Pasino

    My gal pals would really enjoy this! Right gals!!

  • Janet Raistrick

    Thanks so much ..

  • teriincali


  • Sarah Holland

    because its so delicious!

  • Kimberly Marie Bryan

    I’d share the chocolate with my sweets. Thanks for the chance.

  • Alicia Wilson

    I would love to share my Lindt Chocolates with my family because we all love the smooth savory taste of all the flavors we have tried.

  • Mandi Sue VanGordon

    I’d share with my kiddos as a special treat for valentine’s day ❤

  • Joanna Hacker

    I wouldn’t want to share but id share with my mini because I love her

  • lori theisen

    Best chocolate for my very best, my family

  • DrymWarrior

    I wouldnt want to share, even though I might with my sister

  • amanda

    chocolate is meant to be shared with loved ones

  • Meagan Elizabeth Cooley

    I’d share because we both LOVE chocolate! <3

  • lori clark

    I would want to share with my daughter , she loves Lindt chocolate and is getting ready to have surgery soon, (she is 13) every little thing I can do for her to cheer her up , I’ll do it!

  • Jennifer Sitz

    Because we love Lindt.

  • Barbara Pinckney

    I would share with my Daughter because she loves Lindt Chocolates. And she helps me out na lot

  • Renee Knight

    I’d share my Chocolates with my hubby because Lindt Chocolate is his favorite.

  • Hayley

    I’d want to share with my loved ones because, well we all share the same sweet tooth, so we have to share the things that satisfies it!

  • tkosing

    I would share this with my awesome hubby.. this will be our 10th Valentines day together but he still gives me butterflies every time I see him :)

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    Because I think Lindt is delicious, I would want to share my chocolate with those I love.

  • Janell Deal

    I share Lindt Chocolates every February at my annual Afternoon Teal (tea) in support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness. The Teal wrappers and lovely Lindt chocolates are perfect.

  • Roro Hamwi

    I’d share because Valentine cannot be completed without chocolate

  • Deanna Jaxine Stinson


  • Deb K

    I’d share because I love my family, and they know all my chocolate hiding places anyway!

  • Irene

    i’d want to share them because they are smooth and delicious. plus, we want to share with the ones we love! they deserve it!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I would share because Lindt Chocolate is the best!

  • dollfriend

    I’d share, because I’m not THAT selfish! ;)

  • Amy

    I’d share with my loved ones because they are so delicious.

  • Sarah Parker

    Because the truffles are so tasty!

  • Samantha Adelsperger

    Lindt is a staple in my house. Even my 10yr old son is obsessed with lindor dark truffles

  • Vera Morris

    I shared this would love to win it

  • jeapp1

    I’d love to share Lindor because my family loves chocolate. It’s something we love to share that makes us all happily!

  • Rena Smith

    Because it is the best for the best!

  • Kristen

    I have the BEST group of friends that deserve a chocolate party, and our very favorite flavor is your dark chocolate with sea salt.

  • Bal Tresor

    Because they love Lindt. It’s their go-to chocolate fix.

  • Calshondra Williams

    I’d love to share your Lindor Chocolates with my family for Valentine’s Day. We’re all CHOCOLATE lovers and Lindor is so delicious. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Brian Villalta

    I love chocolate

  • montjan

    chocolate is always best when shared!!!

  • Lise Latour Carr

    Sharing is love and love is Lindt chocolate! <3

  • Jaime Moir

    I’d share because sharing is love! And I also don’t need all the calories. Might as well indulge together!

  • hean05

    I love Lindt’s chocolate. It’s smooth and delicious.

  • Candace Galan

    Lindt chocolatevisvthe creamiest and best for my friends, they love it!

  • rhi tai

    Lindt is my favorite, but I would share these with my family.

  • One word: Quality.

  • cappytweet

    because they always share the best with me


    I love making my family happy and sharing Lindor with them would make them ecstatic!

  • Miranda Harris

    I would share my Lindt Chocolates with my son and his daddy because I want them to know why this is my favorite chocolate to indulge in.

  • Elizabeth Dietsche Merkle

    Yum! Love your chocolate and love all the ideas! Can’t wait to try making the poppers.

  • SheilaV

    Lindor is luscious and rich, and made with quality just like my Valentine <3

  • L.G.

    My whole family loves Lindts especially around the holidays!

  • harmony

    because i love sharing goodies with my peeps, what better way to bond?

  • betsy cortez

    I would want to share my Lindor with my loved one on Valentine’s day because we always share and we both love dark chocolate.

  • Rosemary

    My favorite non American Chocolate! I Love the bars that are filled with Raspberry syrup, used to treat myself once in a Blue Moon, I can’t find them so far here in S.Oregon. Anyone know who carries that Milk Chocolate bar with Raspberry syrup inside?

  • Debra Patton

    I would share because my husband loves LINDOR truffles and I love my husband!

  • Kathy B

    All of these desserts look amazing. I love lindt chocolates.

  • CCat

    I would not WANT to share because they are SO good. But I would because they bring joy because they are so yummy! :) My daughter and I eat them together and smile!

  • Lynda Cheree Klee

    I’d share because we’re a family of chocoholics!! :D

  • margaretporter

    I would share with my ;love

  • Susan Sweet

    I would want to share Lindor because they are a special chocolate that everyone to try!

  • Lori Abrams

    because he is my best friend

  • Martina Strain

    I would share because it is my favorite chocolate brand, and one of the few my husband and kids will actually eat! (at Easter, my toddler spit out every candy from the egg hunt except the lindt eggs! Lesson learned)

  • Ma Motts

    love isn’t love till you give it away

  • jennifer aguero

    Because there is nothing better to share on Valentine’s day then some Lindt chocolates.

  • Jeanne Traeger

    I would share this with my favorite “girl” relatives here in Austin.

  • Anna Anna

    It is a special moment to sit with your loved one and enjoy exquisite chocolate with them.

  • Mary Dailey

    I would love to share because it is absolutely the best chocolate ever!

  • Anita

    I’d share them because I love them…and they taste so YuMmy

  • Allison Church Bird

    I think I would share some of my chocolate but just a little – I do love them after all!!! LOL

  • terriavidreader

    Why wouldn’t I? Lindt Chocolates says LOVE

  • @weareofficially

    I wonder how that kit looks like!!! :D So excited!

  • MD

    I love sharing sweets with my sweetie any time of year!

  • Mary Jaglowitz

    I would share with all the ones I love. It is so special to eat a Lindt chocolate and I can only eat one as I am diabetic but I want others to know how yummy good quality chocolate can be.

  • Sherrye Grotte

    I would share with my loved ones because I love good quality chocolate like Lindt!

  • Lisa Martin Drury

    This would be a great win, I could give the best chocolate to all my family to share with me.

  • Mary Ramirez

    I would want to share because Lindt candy is the best around.

  • Amy Williams

    its my favorite candy and i want him to share with him something as sweet as he is!

  • Eileen McKeon McGrail

    i’d share because I have made it so that my 10 yr. old granddaughter appreciates great chocolate. Especially Lindt truffles

  • lisa

    Never too much chocolate to share! Have pity! I would share with my sweetie because I know he would share with me. Now THAT is true LOVE! Thank you Lindt, your truffles rock…awesome!

  • teri

    Never share your Lindt chocolates!

  • kymnasium

    I would love to share the best chocolate in the world with my family and friends they deserve to have the best LIndt’s chocolate that’s sharing the LOVE!

  • Beverly Adreon

    I’d share because why not share the yum!

  • donnak4

    Because it is delicious.

  • Cara S.

    I would want to share Lindor with my love ones because it is the smoothest and creamiest chocolate I’ve ever had! The flavors are so delicious!

  • Loraine Muhr

    Lindt is too good NOT to share! Not to mention if I get him hooked, he’ll buy us MORE CHOCOLATE!

  • Amy D

    Because everyone loves quality chocolate!

  • Laurie Thornberry

    Love to share this mouth melting chocolate with family to show them how much I love and appreciate them! :)



  • Ramona Hupcey

    So many ways to use these!

  • Sand

    My family loves chocolate and Lindt is our favorite!

  • Ada Miller

    Because Lindor is the best choclate you can get.

  • Jenna Osborne

    I’d share because they deserve the very best!

  • Suzanne

    More excuses to get to eat them myself!

  • WyoDi

    My granddaughter and her BFF just found my Lindt chocolates while traveling. They had a little tasting and share fest of the two flavors I had stashed!

  • Sally

    I would be happy to share this with my husband even thought i would be the one to eat more of it..

  • lindydnil

    I’d share with my fiancé in the spirit of share and share alike!

  • Margie Callender Cotherman

    Lindt Choclate Must be a Sin…it tastes so good….Shhhhh…I won’t tell…;)

  • Delphinium

    I would share because they are my favorites and it feels good to share good things with loved ones.

  • Vicki Schumacher

    Actually, I am having a girl’s party for Valentine’s Day..We are having finger foods (and Lindt Strawberries and Cream Truffles for dessert!!!) and then we are watching a ‘chick flick’ Would LOVE to win the Galentine’s Kit!!!

  • Becky

    I’d share with the kiddos!

  • Maria Haner

    I’d share with my twins!

  • Gina

    I’d love to take my kids to the Lindt store for fancy hot chocolate!

  • Danielle Magee

    I’d share with my loved ones because they are always nice enough to share with me.

  • melanie h

    I’d want to share Lindor because it’s a delicious treat that I know my husband would appreciate!

  • Dee Nara

    I’d always share my love of chocolate!

  • Karen Scott

    I love your chocolate truffles, they are awesome, I would share if I won, Valentine’s Day is the time to give candy to our favorite people in our life, cards, hugs and love.

  • cindysemrau

    My husband will be my Valentine! He’s the sweetest, kindest, most even-tempered person I know!

  • tamaraben

    I would love celebrate with my girlfriends with the Ultimate Galentine’s Day Kit because only the best treats for my girls will only do. We all love Lindt truffles

  • emilystone

    I need to keep my chocolate

  • Victoria Scott

    I’d share with my family because we are all Lindt fans! :D

  • Linda LaPoint

    I would want to share because everybody loves Lindt chocolate and it would make a huge impression!

  • Adriana Snell

    A girls’ night out and Chocolate too? Yes please

  • Julie Reuter

    I would share because sharing is one easy way to show I care.

  • Madeline Lonergan

    Because chocolate is meant to be shared!

  • Alondra Ramirez

    I would share because i love to have my loved ones know what i like and want them to experience the joy i get from chocolate with me and understand how wonderful it is.

  • bigbrother3

    Best chocolate around. Share? well sometimes. Hubby, kids, favorite hair dresser, the list is long. If they can find it!

  • Valerie Manke

    I would share with my kiddos because if I didn’t, they’d sneak it anyway!

  • Cathleen Jansen

    I would share, but not too much sharing. My husband loves this chocolate so much he needs at least two bags every time I go shopping and they don’t last long. Best chocolate ever!

  • Sandra Beeman

    I would share only because the guilt of not doing so would haunt me!

  • Jessica Warner

    I would love to share LINDOR Chocolate with my loved ones to brighten and sweeten their day ❤

  • Ladybuggin66

    I come from a gloriously wonderful line of chocolate lovers. It’s only fair that I share with my family!

  • Love Airlines…

    Being originally from Western Pennsylvania, we had a Cookie Table at our Wedding ( Lindt Truffles were scattered among the platters of cookies, adding such a festive look! We still consider the gift of Lindt Truffles high on our list of sensual, and meaningful, delights!

  • RyaNicole427

    I’d share with my two little valentines, because we ALL love chocolate!

  • Maria V. Cruz Pagan

    We love chocolate!!!Already went and buy a caramel one for my daughter and dark one for my son!

  • Renee Weinberg

    Bright and whimsical tablescapes are the way to liven up family events.

  • Lindor is my favorite chocolate brand! that’s why!

  • murphykatt

    I’d share because everyone is working so hard at work and at school they all deserve a really special treat!

  • A.

    I’d share because he’d share back with me!

  • Amber MacNeil

    I’d share some Lindt chocolates with my husband because it’s part of our love story. We worked in the same building before we were dating. I would always have Lindor truffles in a jar on my desk. He would come and ask if he could have some chocolate. Sometimes I would go to his office with the chocolate jar in hand offer him some. Once in a while, he would buy me a big bag of truffles to replenish the stash. A year later we were married!! I still buy Lindt truffles to put in that same jar!

  • Becky Wilkins

    I ‘d share with my sweet grandbabies…because we Love Lindt Chocolate.

  • Becky Wilkins

    I’d share with all my grandbabies…because we love Lindt Chocolates!

  • Roseann Moss

    Love your chocolate

  • kristy wolfgang

    I would love to share LINDOR with my hubby on Valentine’s Day, because it is the only brand of chocolate I like.

  • Mac Conrad

    I would love to share Lindor with my loved ones for Valentines day because there is no better way to say “I LOVE YOU” than with CHOCOLATE! :)

  • Barb McKinley

    I would share so that others who may have not tasted these wonderful little gems could experience the same wonderful goodness that I’ve experienced….it’s more fun when shared ♥

  • Diane Collins

    I’d share because I love to make people happy.

  • Melissa Plourde

    i’d love to win this

  • Cynthia Kattau Burch

    I would share because Lindt truffles are my absolute favorite and they’d know I really love them if I shared my Lindts instead of keeping them for myself!!

  • Nancy S Morgan

    Nothing better to share the delectable Lindor Chocolate with my honey who is a veteran and hard worker. I have unable to purchase anything for him due having two lower back surgery’s. He deserves my appreciation and love this Valentines day.

  • Jennifer Anthony Carr

    When you find something so luscious and dreamy, you can’t help but share the love!

  • Margarita Viera

    I share with my mom because she always shares everything with me.

  • Weimermom

    Why, because I love them!

  • Ariel Matera

    These strawberry truffles sound heavenly!! I would share with all three of my men

  • Stacy Bauer

    I would want to share my LINDOR with my loved ones on Valentine’s Day because I love them and they deserve to enjoy the delicious taste of LINDOR on this special day!

  • adknykate

    I would share just because I know it would make my loved ones happy!

  • Michelle L.

    I would share because Lindt truffles are too good not to!!

  • Glady Lafever

    I’d share because Lindt is the BEST and the best is what I try to give… <3

  • Lauren Sanchez

    because he loves me and would share with me!

  • Kimberly S

    I would give them/share my Lindt because it’s just too delicious not to share!!

  • susitravl

    I want to share because that’s the right thing to do and I want everyone to enjoy it right along with me.

  • Mary Jo Jordan

    My grand daughter asks me to get these for her every time we go to the store. She has already has us pick Valentine names

  • Carol Robinson

    Share ?? Okay, I’d share !! Lindt is absolutely toooo wonderful NOT to share !!

  • Terrie Swanson

    I’m the type of person that always wants to make others feel as happy as myself so to share my Lindor on Valentines Day would show my true love how much I love him.

  • Linnzie Pieper

    Since it’s Valentine’s Day and I love my son and fiance Is share .Doesn’t mean some won’t be hidden just for me !

  • Katherine Scotton

    I would take this to work. All the gals around the office and other offices would LOVE it as well!!

  • Dena Stewart

    My family absolutely loves chocolate and Lindt is a favorite with quite a few of them. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

  • Katrina

    I would share with my mom, my sister-in-laws, and my nieces because we all love Lindt chocolate!

  • Gigi Blackwell

    Love Lindt chocolate!! The creamiest, best-tasting chocolates ever!! Would share with everyone who comes to our home…because that’s what I’m supposed to do. But, I won’t let on that I have a stash all of my own…LOL

  • The taste is so creamy and indulgent! We could use a moment of chocolate bliss.

  • Andi Sanders

    Love Lindt Chocolate! I would love the win!

  • RoxannT

    I would share LINDOR with my loved ones on Valentine’s Day because my family deserves the best and LINDOR is the best chocolate! We all love it.

  • Deena Y ates

    I love it!

  • Jeannette Harkin

    This would make my day perfect and I’d share with the family!

  • Anita Goodman

    I would love to share with my grandsons who are the center of my heart. Since my daughter passed away 2 years ago I’ve had her boys to finish raising and through thick and thin I love them every minute of every day.

  • Jackie Duteau Harvey

    Hoard it for myself!

  • Becca Z

    we love giving and sharing Lindt because European chocolate is THE BEST! So creamy and smooth, then Lindt adds scrumptious flavors into the mix that just up the pleasure factor! Everyone’s reaction to Lindt chocolates is always validation that it’s the right gift or treat.

  • YRMurray

    I would love to share with my sister!

  • bellinghamlifer

    I would share with my hubby of 26 years!

  • jilliann m

    Because it is delicious and it will make everyone feel loved!

  • Lisa

    I just love Lindt Chocolate and I am going to have to see if I can find those wonderful strawberries and cream truffles too! Would love to share with everyone :)

  • Mandi

    I’d share because anytime I have candy or goodies, I always share with whoever is around me. I would take these to my Parent meetings at my daughter’s school and share with the other moms

  • donna W

    My husband is a huge chocolate and truffles fan so Lindt chocolate is a win-win!!

  • Joyce

    Because it’s delicious!

  • MNmama16

    share with my husband & son!

  • Tanya LaBorde Fell

    I would share with my hubby and my teenage triplets! They LOVE chocolate.

  • Lawrence Walker

    Because they’re sweet…

  • Alona Young

    Everyone in the house loves these and would love to be treated for valentines!

  • Tracie Vandermeulen

    because they are delicious!!!

  • Emily E Mitchell

    i would love to win! thank you for the opportunity!

  • Sher

    Because LINDOR is the best and I want my loved ones to have the best! Thank you!

  • Rebecca Kerchner-Love

    Lindt Chocolate is the best chocolate ever. The Truffles are amazing. I would give my husband one and hide the rest. I learned my lesson from last time. He bought me a bag and ate over half of them.

  • cassandra pease

    I would love to win, thanks so much for the chance!

  • Ashley Kay

    I would share because he is a chocolate lover and it would make him happy

  • Brandon Sparks

    Because Lindt Chocolate’s are the best and need to be shared.

  • Sheryl Holden

    More love when you share

  • Patti Roper

    I want to share LINDOR with my loved one on Valentine’s Day because LINDOR is his favorite chocolate. The person I’m referring to is my son & LINDOR has literally been his favorite chocolates since he was 3 years old…he’s 21 now. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  • Elisabeth

    I would love to win this!

  • Angela Kern

    Because chocolate solves all problems, right? At least, momentarily!!!! <3

  • Tammy

    Lindor is to good not to share.

  • Debra Erickson-Gillette

    Because we are both chocolate lovers, dark, milk, white, it doesn’t matter. I have three different candy jars around the house with chocolate in them.

  • Amanda

    I would love to share this with my mom because these are our favorite chocolates! Lindt is hands down the best chocolate around and her and I have a tradition of treating each other to some truffles randomly to brighten each other’s days!

  • Megan Allen

    I would share with my co-workers and my mother. I am always trying to give back to the people I surround myself with!

  • marcicornelius

    because it would be a gift they would love

  • Tina Alexander

    I would share with my husband because he deserves Lindt!


    because he loves them just as much as i do there my favorite

  • Eleuthera1

    I like to spend Valentines Day making treat bags for family and friends.

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